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Witchcraft Foretells Science

Besiendershuis Steenstraat 26-28, Nijmegen

Before the Enlightenment, magic was intertwined with daily life. The use of charms, divination, and healing were all common practice. People didn’t believe in the division between matter and spirit and imagined the cosmos as a living organism, populated by occult forces. Backed by Church and State, this magical view of the world was destroyed to make place for a more rational, mechanical philosophy. During this transition from


Unboxing Experience – Aidan Lyon, Asu Aksu and Attic Lab

Online Zoom

In collaboration with philosopher Aidan Lyon, artist Asu Aksu, and Attic Lab, Future Based presents 'Unboxing Experience’. Unboxing Experience is an experiment in communication that uses all of our senses, not just the audio-visual. During this event, we will create an experience that explores our subconscious in a playful and artistic way. Read more...

€20 – €30

Anticipated Futures – On Post-Apocalyptic Living

Online Zoom

What do you think the end of the world would look like? Stories about the apocalypse and post-apocalyptic living have been popular across time and space, such as zombie novel World War Z by Max Brooks and Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel, which involves a flu pandemic. We use it to escape reality, as a way to cope with our worries about the future. At the