Witchcraft made Science focuses on the figure of the witch through a series of podcasts and events starting from November. Guided and curated by Lieke Wouters, we’ll be discussing how the common stereotype of the witch, the old crone wearing a black pointy hat while riding on a broomstick with a black cat in tow, stands in the way of  important herstories about women healers, midwives and other non-conforming women and the impact of witch-hunts from the 16th century onwards on the development of science. What can we learn from these anti-patriarchal re-tellings and how do they influence our view on gender diversity in science?

For Witchcraft made Science, Lieke and Reon Cordova brewed a podcast series about magic, feminist icons and surpassing stereotypes. Listen here.

Lieke Wouters (she/her) is an art historian and curator, mainly focusing on art on the intersections with digital technologies, utopias in current and speculative societies and intersectional feminism.

She is currently the business director of the platform for contemporary art POST and makes programs on art and technology for Oddstream.

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