How can we help you?


  • Who are you? Future Based is a philosophy platform, founded by Sabine Winters in 2018. Slowly our team is growing, and the variety of projects is expanding.
  • Where are you based? Nowhere in particular. Since the future doesn’t exist – or does it?- , we aren’t based anywhere which gives us the freedom to organize events everywhere. But we are mainly operating in the Netherlands.
  • I have a question / complaint / request / compliment, where can I go to? Mail us at, send us a messenger message, or for urgent matters, send us an app.
  • How can I get any assistance if I need it? Mail us at, send us a messenger message, or for urgent matters, send us an app.


  • Do you only organize events/reading groups in the Netherlands? For the moment: yes. But we are very keen to organize events abroad.
  • When are the next events / reading sessions planned? If you want to know more about the upcoming events, please visit our Facebookpage, subscribe for the newsletter, or join our meetup community.


  • Do you do refunds? Depending on the kind of event, we can refund your ticket purchase. For more information about the refund policy, please visit our eventbrite page. If you want to request a refund, you can use the refund button at the Eventbrite page, of send us an email:
  • What is the ticket service you use? Eventbrite. Visit our profile here.
  • What are the payment options? From credit card, iDeal, to Pay Pal and everything in between, but we do not accept cash.
  • Can I buy tickets at the events? Tickets are only available online. If decide last minute you want to join us, no problem: tickets are online till 30 minutes after the start of the event.

Some questions for around the campfire;

Why do we want robots?  What about the ethics of new technologies? What is privacy? What is valuable? What is ‘art’ and what does it tell us about reality? What role does intuition play in science? What is knowledge? And how do we obtain knowledge? What is morality? What does ‘evolution’ mean? How do new technologies influence our norms of social interaction? What does science say about religion? How does religion deal with science? What is AI and can we speak of cognitive computers? Can we gather new insights into the world through art? Which role does art play in producing knowledge? What is intelligence? And how should we consider the intelligence of animals and plants? Are we hard-wired beings? Does the world really change at a faster pace? What do the terms ‘sustainability’ and ‘innovation’ actually mean?  What does it mean to be human? What are the consequences of my actions?