Latest Past Events

COLLECTIVE THINKING: Teaching from the Hive (postponed)

Bees communicate with each other where good food lies through a dance. They dance an infinity sign ∞ to the position of the sun on the honeycomb. The duration of the dance tells something about the distance, the spot on the honeycomb to the position of the sun tells in which direction the bees [...]


Future Provotypes: Exploring GenAI Futures Through Collaborative Storytelling

Online Zoom

Online event. Join us for a session exploring the impact of generative AI on the design industry through engaging in a speculative scenario! Generative AI, accessible to anyone with good internet connectivity, is believed by some to empower individuals without formal design training to achieve professional-grade results quickly. The rapid rise of generative AI [...]

Witchcraft Foretells Science

Utrechtse Boekenbar Westerkade 2, Utrecht

Before the Enlightenment, magic was deeply intertwined with daily life. The use of charms, divination, and healing was commonplace. People didn't perceive a division between matter and spirit and envisioned the cosmos as a living organism, inhabited by occult forces. This magical worldview, supported by both the Church and the State, was eventually supplanted [...]