This growing interdisciplinary team of fantastic people unlock new chapters on Future Based. They zoom in on the complicated, and make the common extraordinary through podcasts, meetups, reading groups and exhibitions.

Sabine Winters

Sabine is the founder of Future Based and facilitator of the platform. As a freelance philosopher, Sabine is focused on the function of imagination in science. She is an intrinsically motivated enthusiastic explorer, always open to new ideas and perspectives because she firmly believes in lifelong learning.

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Abdo Hassan

Abdelrahman lives on the intersection between software, critical theory, data, and poetry. His interests include memetics, internet geographies, technical utopias/dystopias and depictions of e-governance. His overarching goal is to bridge critical theory with digital practice and to limit accessibility gaps and hurdles to open access to knowledge.

Abdo is initiator and curator of the Future Based reading group: On Algorithmic (In)Equality.

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Dana Dijkgraaf

Dana Dijkgraaf is a Graphic Designer and Art Director, based in Arnhem (NL). With her love for form, colours and well-thought-of-concepts, she comes up with design that sparkles and visualizes the story well.

She started in 2014 with her own studio DDD in Arnhem, and never stopped enjoying her work. She works for different industries: fashion, art, non-profit, art education, nature and corporate organizations.

Dana is responsible for the Future Based logos, banners and logo photography and therefore is considered as our very own, in-house graphic designer.

Floris Schleicher

Floris Schleicher is a Dutch philosopher, writer and teacher. He is specialized in the thought of Slavoj Zizek, Byung-Chul Han and the Frankfurt School. His main interests are marxism and sustainability. Starting from August, Floris hosts a new podcast series on Future Based: Future Based Politics.

This Future Based-podcast brings you conversations about our political institutions with leading thinkers from the Netherlands. Topics discussed include: How are our political institutions designed? To what extent can they cope with 21st century problems like climate change, inequality, polarization and migration? What do the possible alternatives to our current political institutions look like? And what might be their advantages and drawbacks? Big and interesting questions. If you want to know more about politics, justice and the future this is the right podcast for you.

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Michelle Geraerts

Michelle is a PhD student at University of Amsterdam’s department of Anthropology, with a specialization on natural resources. Her interest goes out to topics within the ontological turn including multispecies studies. She is familiar with regular as well as creative approaches to qualitative research, such as sensory ethnography. Having collaborated with artists, she supports the idea of research as ‘serious play’ and aims to explore the blurry borderline between the natural and artificial.

Michelle is the host of a brand new podcast series: ‘Beyond Human Relations’, about existing as well as constructed relationships of humans with nonhumans.

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Annika van den Born

Annika is a master student in Philosophy of Behavioural Sciences at Radboud University. During her bachelor in Cultural Anthropology and Development studies she dove into the world of anti-anthropocentric anthropology. Asking questions of being, turning ontological world views and opening up possibilities for an ongoing future through creative co-operation and multispecies symbioses is what deeply drives her.

Annika is the second host of our podcast series ‘Beyond Human Relations’, she will build on what her teacher and thesis counselor Michelle beautifully initiated.

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Cindy Moorman

The work of visual artist Cindy Moorman is characterized as an ongoing research into human relationships. How do I relate to the Other(s)? What does it take to ‘belong’? These are questions that play a role in her work. Moorman is best known for her carefully staged performances that she has performed by various groups; from acrobats to dancers to choirs. The concept and plans behind this are translated in intriguing scenarios; drawings, paintings, photographs and clothing. Moorman studied at the School of the Arts in Arnhem (1999-2003) and the Master’s program of the Sint Joost in Breda (2003-2005).

Her work has been exhibited in renown places as Museum Voorlinden in Wassenaar, the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven, the Museum of Modern Art in Arnhem and the Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam. And is included in various private and museum collections, including the collection of the Van Abbeuseum in Eindhoven.

In 2018, Moorman’s oeuvre was rewarded with the Stipend Established Artists. She is currently working on a new work for an exhibition in Kunstverein Ahlen (DE) and an artist’s book about her work.

Cindy is the initiator and curator of the Future Based reading sessions: Formations Rather than Forms: Exploring the choreographies of the human position.

Christian Winterfieldt

Christian was born in Berlin in 1986 an brought up by hippie parents. He studied cultural sciences and political sciences & philosophy. In 2017 Christian started studying photography at Lette Verein and found his way to express himself and his thoughts through photography – since then he is working on political/philosophical topics and expressing his findings in a visual way.

The internship of Christian for Future Based, gave rise to the ongoing project ‘Dotted Lines’, that Christian is developing into a podcast series and publication. The collaboration between Christian and Future Based turned into a long term relationship, of exchanging ideas and perspectives on political movements in the Netherlands and Germany.

Kees Müller

Language magician, philosopher and the kindest criticaster we know. We trust him with our life when it comes to checking, modifying and editing texts.

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