This growing interdisciplinary team of fantastic people unlock new chapters on Future Based. They zoom in on the complicated, and make the common extraordinary through podcasts, meetups, reading groups and exhibitions.

Sabine Winters

Sabine (she/her) is the founder of Future Based and facilitator of the platform. As a freelance philosopher, Sabine has worked on many interdisciplinary projects. In her research on Scientific Imagination, she is focused on the function of imagination in the Natural Sciences. She is an intrinsically motivated enthusiastic explorer, always open to new ideas and perspectives because she firmly believes in lifelong learning.

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Lilian de Jong

Lilian de Jong (she/her) is pursuing a Master’s degree in human-centered artificial intelligence at Radboud University Nijmegen (Netherlands). She is an enthusiast of the synergy of art, science and technology and a firm believer in using technology to build bridges between human and non-human, human and society, and human and human. Starting in September/October ’21 Lilian will host the reading group “Science Fiction minus Fiction Futures” for Future Based.

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Marjolein Pijnappels

Marjolein (she/her) is a creator who loves to question established frameworks.

Marjolein has an insatiable hunger to understand and connect, exploring wildly differing topics of myth, physics, nature, cyborgism and feminism. She holds a Master Degree in Biology and is a self-taught designer and illustrator.

Marjolein is founder of knowledge communication agency Studio Lakmoes. At Future Based she is currently working on Creating Life, a video essay exploration on the micro and macro-structures of life.

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Lieke Wouters

Lieke Wouters (she/her) is an art historian and curator, mainly focusing on art on the intersections with digital technologies, utopias in current and speculative societies and intersectional feminism.

She is currently the business director of the platform for contemporary art POST and makes programs on art and technology for Oddstream.

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Abdo Hassan

Abdelrahman (he/him) lives on the intersection between software, critical theory, data, and poetry. His interests include memetics, internet geographies, technical utopias/dystopias and depictions of e-governance. His overarching goal is to bridge critical theory with digital practice and to limit accessibility gaps and hurdles to open access to knowledge.

Abdo is initiator and curator of the Future Based reading group: On Algorithmic (In)Equality.

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Reon Cordova

Reon (she/her) is a professional future summoner and Master in Media, Art, Design & Technology at Frank Mohr Institute. Born in a desert and raised in subtropical highlands, she is mystery-bounded. Experienced lecturer, multidisciplinary design, fashion and overall pseudo-sciences aficionado. Reon will be cheering, supporting, editing, hosting and fulfilling the role of gentle critic for the projects Witchcraft made Science and Creating Life.

Chetana Pai

Chetana (she/her) is a recent graduate of the University of Twente and has a Masters degree in Interaction Technology. She is especially interested and has worked on research to do with human interaction, human experience, movement, music, technology, and the combination of these fields. In addition to this, she is constantly experimenting with various creative mediums and facilitating workshops. These are mostly geared towards finding and exploring new ways to make people want to be creative and make tangibly (and often involve zines!)

For Future Based, Chetana is co-hosting the podcast series Beyond Human Relations together with Annika van den Born.

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Dana Dijkgraaf

Dana Dijkgraaf (she/her) a Graphic Designer and Art Director, based in Arnhem (NL). With her love for form, colours and well-thought-of-concepts, she comes up with design that sparkles and visualizes the story well.

She started in 2014 with her own studio DDD in Arnhem, and never stopped enjoying her work. She works for different industries: fashion, art, non-profit, art education, nature and corporate organizations.

Dana is responsible for the Future Based logos, banners and logo photography and therefore is considered as our very own, in-house graphic designer.

Oscar Salguero

Oscar Salguero is a researcher, designer, and independent book curator based in Brooklyn. In Spring 2021 at the Center for Book Arts, Salguero presented Interspecies Futures [IF], the first survey of contemporary bookworks focused on alternative and fictional human-nonhuman scenarios. Salguero is the founder of the Antilibrary, a project that identifies unconventional trends and predicts future attitudes via the study of independent artists’ books. More than a library, it is an experiment in cultural pattern recognition and culture alteration. Some subjects of interest include: hyperintelligences, quantum computing, bioart, olfactive futures, etc. The Antilibrary believes the book remains the most advanced information technology devised for humans.

Aidan Lyon

Aidan Lyon (he/him) is a philosopher at the University of Amsterdam. He completed his PhD in 2010 at the Australian National University on the philosophical foundations of probability. His research focuses on psychedelics, meditation, uncertainty, wisdom, and collective decision-making. Aidan is also an entrepreneur: He is the CEO and co-founder of DelphiCloud, and he often works as a freelance consultant on projects relating to his research areas.

BrainPan Colloquial – is a collaboration between Future Based and Aidan Lyon on shifting of experiences and the edges of perception. In a series of three gatherings, we aim to question what consciousness is, in what ways you can enhance awareness, and what lies behind everyday sensations when we observe them with attention. This series merges meditation, philosophy, motion, technology, poetry and experience.

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Floris Schleicher

Floris Schleicher (he/him) is a Dutch philosopher, writer and teacher. He is specialized in the thought of Slavoj Zizek, Byung-Chul Han and the Frankfurt School. His main interests are marxism and sustainability. Starting from August, Floris hosts a new podcast series on Future Based: Future Based Politics.

This Future Based-podcast brings you conversations about our political institutions with leading thinkers from the Netherlands. Topics discussed include: How are our political institutions designed? To what extent can they cope with 21st century problems like climate change, inequality, polarization and migration? What do the possible alternatives to our current political institutions look like? And what might be their advantages and drawbacks? Big and interesting questions. If you want to know more about politics, justice and the future this is the right podcast for you.

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Sofia Kaloterakis

Sofia Kaloterakis (she/her) is a researcher, writer and poet based in the Netherlands. She graduated from the RMA program Media Arts and Performance studies at Utrecht University with a thesis on the science-fictional origins of the idea of techno-scientific progress. Her art and research are a continuous exploration of fictional universes, philosophy of science/language and experimental poetics. She has published short stories and poetry in platforms and exhibitions like: Streetcake Magazine, Sofia Art Week, Every woman biennial, METHOD/ART, Satellites. She has also presented her research in international conferences and platforms. In 2021 she self-published her debut poetry collection Drift in Lyrics.

For BrainPan, Sofia Kaloterakis is doing artistic research on the relationship between meditation and synaesthesia.

Synaesthesia is an experience that has been described as very close to a psychedelic state of mind induced by drugs. If we understand it, as a reproducible state of mind how could we generate only through sound-awareness guided meditation? The research will result in an original meditation, with interest in possibly studying its effects.

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