This interdisciplinary team of fantastic people unlock new chapters on Future Based. They zoom in on the complicated, and make the common extraordinary through podcasts, meetups, reading groups and exhibitions.

Future Based Team

Sabine Winters

Sabine winters (she/her) is the founder of Future Based and facilitator of the platform. As a freelance philosopher of science, Sabine has worked on many interdisciplinary projects. In her research on Scientific Imagination, she is focused on the function of imagination in the Natural Sciences. She is an intrinsically motivated enthusiastic explorer, always open to new ideas and perspectives because she firmly believes in lifelong learning.

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Chetana Pai

Chetana Pai (she/her) is programmer and curator of the Future Based platform. She is a graduate of the University of Twente and has a Masters degree in Interaction Technology. She is especially interested and has worked on research to do with human interaction, human experience, movement, music, technology, and the combination of these fields. In addition to this, she is constantly experimenting with various creative mediums and facilitating workshops. These are mostly geared towards finding and exploring new ways to make people want to be creative and make tangibly (and often involve zines!) For Future Based, Chetana is co-hosting the podcast series Beyond Human Relations.

Zsófia Szalavári

Zsófia Szalavári (she/her) is programme coordinator for the Future Based platform. As a recent graduate from Leiden University with a MSc in Astronomy and Science Communication, she is passionate about connecting people with each other through engagement with science. She likes experimenting with different forms and ways of doing so and especially enjoys personal interactions, in which she can exchange sparks of fascination at the wonders of our natural world. While having specialised in the study of space during her studies, she is a generalist at heart and is always excited to learn about the world from new perspectives, especially through exchanging ideas with others.

At the Future Based Foundation, we collaborate with a diverse group of talented freelancers who bring their unique expertise to the table. Together, we form a community dedicated to exploring the frontiers of knowledge and shaping a transformative future. Our team of freelancers represents a tapestry of skills and passions, ranging from writers, artists, and researchers to tech enthusiasts, scientists, and philosophers. This eclectic blend of talents allows us to approach projects and initiatives from multiple angles, fostering innovation and creativity in everything we do.

Lilian de Jong (she/her) is pursuing a Master’s degree in human-centered artificial intelligence at Radboud University Nijmegen (Netherlands). She is an enthusiast of the synergy of art, science and technology and a firm believer in using technology to build bridges between human and non-human, human and society, and human and human. Lilian will hosted the reading group “Science Fiction minus Fiction Futures” and co-initiated the time-capsule project.

Victoria (she/her) is an artist at heart and an explorer of reality in practice. At university, she studied physics, followed by neurophysics, and now she is taking her time in the unknown to create a life aligned with her heart and informed by her knowledge of the universe. The experience of being born in Poland, raised in Ireland and now living in the Netherlands has given her a mixed sense of personal identity, which she will explore as part of the podcast series on identity here on Future Based.

Reon Cordova (she/her) is a professional future summoner and Master in Media, Art, Design & Technology at Frank Mohr Institute. Born in a desert and raised in subtropical highlands, she is mystery-bounded. Experienced lecturer, multidisciplinary design, fashion and overall pseudo-sciences aficionado. Reon will be cheering, supporting, editing, hosting and fulfilling the role of gentle critic for the projects Witchcraft made Science and Creating Life.

Dana Dijkgraaf (she/her) a Graphic Designer and Art Director, based in Arnhem (NL). With her love for form, colours and well-thought-of-concepts, she comes up with design that sparkles and visualizes the story. She started in 2014 with her own studio DDD in Arnhem, and never stopped enjoying her work. She works for different industries: fashion, art, non-profit, art education, nature and corporate organizations. Dana is responsible for the Future Based logos, banners and logo photography and therefore is considered as our very own, in-house graphic designer.

Future Based Foundation board:

Sabine Winters (Founder, director)

Sabine Winters is a freelance philosopher of space and science, with a strong focus on philosophy of space. She obtained a master’s degree in Philosophy of Science, with a thesis on “A View from the Moon: Kepler’s Somnium as a Thought Experiment in Astronomy”. Recently she joined the Freudenthal Institute, History & Philosophy of Science. Under the guidance of dr. Guido Bacciagaluppi (Utrecht University), dr. Mike Stuart (York University, UK) and dr. Jai Grover (ESA ESTEC, Advanced Concepts Team) her research focuses on the epistemic value of imagination in space science and exploration. Besides her work as a philosopher, Sabine also teaches philosophy at ArtEZ University of the Arts (Arnhem, Netherlands), lectures on film and philosophy, and creates interdisciplinary research programs on art and technology. Sabine is the founder and director of Future Based, an interdisciplinary philosophy platform organizing discussions with experts in their field to foster a deeper understanding of the world we live in. Scientific Imagination is Sabine’s ongoing philosophical quest to deepen our understanding of the role of imagination in the natural sciences.

Lieke Wouters (treasurer, secretary)

Lieke Wouters is a freelance curator, researcher and art historian. She is currently co-director of POST (Arnhem/Nijmegen), board member of Fabrikaat and Future Based and general coordinator of the Beeldende Kunst Nijmegen network. In the past she has worked for Oddstream, Extrapool and Valkhof Museum, among other organisations. She also gives lectures on speculative design and supervises reading clubs and collective learning processes.

Abdelrahman (Abdo) Hassan (board member)

Digital Ethics and Responsible AI at IKEA | Founder/Creative Technologist at Critical Tech. Abdelrahman (Abdo) Hassan is an Egyptian creative technologist, AI strategist, Digital Anthropologist, and Poet based in Amsterdam. Currently occupying a fulltime role as a Digital Ethicist and Responsible AI Specialist; He lives at the intersection of software, critical theory, data, and poetry. He has led many initiatives across industry, academia culture, and civil society to help build a power-sensitive critical literacy of technological progress. In his latest project Everyday Data (H)activism, he explores the idea of joyful resistance through a community lead practice.

Simone Albers (board member)

Simone Albers (born in Nijmegen in 1990) is fascinated by the evolution of the cosmos and the complexity of existence. One of the things that particularly excites her is the study of micro and macro structures and their interrelationships. She has a special interest in natural sciences, philosophy, scientific imagery, and other cultural visual representations of nature. Simone graduated from the Fine Art department of ArtEZ University of the Arts Arnhem in 2012 and has been working as a visual artist ever since, focusing on painting and installation art. Her solo exhibitions include presentations at the Valkhof Museum (2017), Kunstenlab (2023), and Galerie Maurits van de Laar (2023). In 2019, her work was nominated for the Royal Award for Modern Painting, and in 2022, she won the Sieger White Award. On the occasion of this award, the book “Myriad Ways of Being ~ Being of Myriad Ways” will be published by Jap Sam Books at the end of 2023. Simone’s work can be found in the collections of Menzis Health Insurance, Delft University of Technology, HAN University of Applied Sciences, and others.

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