At Future Based we believe in the power of asking questions, questioning the status quo and analysing existing frameworks. We believe that philosophy can be a form of activism; by asking questions, raising awareness about developments in healthcare, in new technologies, in political structures, for example. But we also believe in gentleness, in adjusting opinions and accepting that there are often multiple truths. After all, we live in a complex world, and we are all people with beliefs, (cultural) backgrounds and personal experiences that we take into account when forming an opinion. So perhaps the most important question to be answered is how still, in this jungle of available and often contradictory information, to form a well-formed opinion?

We welcome you to the reading sessions on the future! Join our community of like-minded, curious nitpickers and hustlers. Under the leadership of the Future Based team, we will organize several reading sessions in which we will discuss different topics from different perspectives through close reading, discussion, but also some Netflix-ing, Youtube-ing and pop culture.

Just like our meetings, the reading sessions are held in different cities every time. For current information about the time and dates of the meetings look here:

Future Based reading group: On Algorithmic (In)equality, reading towards an exhibition.