‘Seeing is believing’ , but there are those who believe beliefs can manifest into things, that action and thought are entangled. Either way, we gathered some evidence, giving you reason to justify the belief we are indeed, doing cool stuff.


Future Based organizes not only a platform but also a movement.


For me Future Based is an enrichment for the local philosophy scene and I am very looking forward to the next events.


What appeals to me is a nice diverse group of participants.


Future is not aligned to an institution or University. I think this is a strength of the platform.




Inspiration for everyone , and a wonderful stage.


Thank you infinitely for your organization of the podcast series. I have devoured through it with great interest. . I am quite inspired and would love to start making podcasts myself soon.

Elle Rose

People felt safe to voice their opinion and to participate in the discussion.


A great platform to get a new perspective on daily subjects. I love the combination of art, science and philosophy.


Very valuable, and I’m happy to support it. Interdisciplinary. Deep. Creating collective intelligence, nice!


Food for thought and exciting events carefully crafted by brilliant minds.



We do our best to give as much credit as possible to photographers, and to ask permission to use photographs. Are you unwanted part of thi gallery, or do you have another objection? Please contact us: goodnews@futurebaseds.org

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