Future Based is a platform that is not fettered to time and space, where collaborations arise, encounters take place and projects are initiated. We work together with partners, are hired as curators, programme makers, or function as a catalyst to bring into practice great ideas. Sometimes we do one-off collaborations like meetups, and we occasionally have long-term schemes, but Future Based’s network of curious minds will always be our point of departure.

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Initiated projects:

Science meets Fiction in Space

Scientific Imagination

Future Based Podcasts

Reading Sessions Science Fiction minus Fiction Futures – hosted by Lilian de Jong

Sixty Minutes Back to the Future (online, lectures)

Meetups and gatherings. Directed by Sabine Winters, Future Based organized in 2018 -2022 , over 50 gatherings among other in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Arnhem and Nijmegen and the Digital Realm.

Co-hosted and co-initiated projects:

Unboxing Experience

Creating Life, a collaboration with Marjolein Pijnappels

Witchcraft made Science, a collaboration with Lieke Wouters

Future Based x Inverse Surveillance Podcast series

Reading sessions ‘Formations Rather than Forms’, with Cindy Moorman

Reading sessions ‘On Algorithmic (in)Equality’, with Abdelrahman Hassan

Podcast ‘Beyond Human Relations’

Podcast ‘Future Based Politics’ Floris Schleicher

Fillip Studios – Residency program and meetup collaboration.

Visual Evidence



We do our best to give as much credit as possible to photographers, and to ask permission to use photographs. Are you unwanted part of this gallery? Please contact us: goodnews@futurebaseds.org





Convinced and would you want to join us in this endeavor? We are always looking for new team members and contributors. Please let us know your talents! Get in touch.