Future Based:

Philosophy as a form of activism

Why do we want robots?  What about the ethics of new technologies? What is privacy? What is valuable? What is ‘art’ and what does it tell us about reality? What role does intuition play in science? What is knowledge? And how do we obtain knowledge?

Asking questions can provide access into gaining insight. In many areas, too few questions are asked, or a subject is merely discussed unilaterally. Future Based organizes discussions with experts in their field to ask critical questions. Not to necessarily find straight answers, but to formulate more specific questions, and to foster a deeper understanding of the world we live in. After all, the world is constantly changing. Nevertheless, there is a tendency to forget the importance of reflecting on how the world is changing, and in particular what the consequences of these changes might be.

An interdisciplinary discussion platform.

Addressing issues ranging from the natural sciences and philosophy to art, technology and economics, a different subject will be highlighted every (for now) two months. In the form of two-hour conversations on location in the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Nijmegen, Arnhem), we will engage in discussions with academics, field specialists and experiential experts. Anyone is welcome to participate or contribute. After each session, there is the possibility to share your thoughts by sending in a reflection.

Curious who is the face behind? About the initiator.

Some questions for around the campfire;

What is morality? What does ‘evolution’ mean? How do new technologies influence our norms of social interaction? What does science say about religion? How does religion deal with science? What is AI and can we speak of cognitive computers? Can we gather new insights into the world through art? Which role does art play in producing knowledge? What is intelligence? And how should we consider the intelligence of animals and plants? Are we hard-wired beeings? Does the world really change at a faster pace? What do the terms ‘sustainability’ and ‘innovation’ actually mean?  What does it mean to be human? What are the consequences of my actions?

Do you have a suggestion for an answer to the questions above? Or do you have a topic you would like to have discussed? Get in touch. We appreciate all contributions.