Future Based is an initiative and facilitated by Sabine Winters.

Welcome to the Future Based Foundation. Let the quest for knowledge and understanding begin anew!

Leave behind the lingering doubts and pessimism about the future; let’s embark on a journey of exploration.

Future Based is an interdisciplinary philosophy foundation that is not fettered to time and space, where collaborations arise, encounters take place and projects are initiated. Formerly known as Future Based platform, the Future Based Foundation has evolved into a dynamic interdisciplinary platform that transcends the limitations of time and space. Here, collaborations thrive, encounters inspire, and groundbreaking projects come to life. As the Foundation, we collaborate with partners, serving as curators, program makers, and catalysts for transforming great ideas into reality. Our network of curious minds continues to be the heart of our endeavors, whether they be one-off meetups or long-term initiatives.

In the realm of philosophy and beyond, we believe in embracing change. The main themes of our current program, from 2023 to 2027, are focused on Swarmed Consciousness & Hive Minds, Mapping Space Time and Ideas, as well as Documentation and Memory.

Perhaps it’s something of all times…. to think we are on a turning point, but it seems that there are so many writings on the wall we can’t ignore that indeed we are, due to technology, living on the border of a paradigm shift. In our belief, our world perspective will change dramatically in the coming twenty years. It’s just that we sometimes can’t see clearly what is right under our collective nose: our world isn’t only changing, it is changing faster than ever.

Nevertheless, there is a tendency to forget the importance of reflecting on how the world is changing, and in particular what the consequences of these changes might be. In this perspective, we engage philosophy as a tool and use it to question the status quo and the established frameworks we tend to believe in so dearly.

Asking questions can provide access into gaining insight. And as paradoxical as it might sound, by allowing for speculative futures and imagining alternatives, we make space for fresh notions of both ourselves and the world: Familiarizing ourselves with the future grants access to a better understanding of the Now. But in many areas, too few questions are asked, or a subject is merely discussed unilaterally. Future Based organizes discussions with experts in their field to ask critical questions. Not to necessarily find straight answers, but to formulate more specific questions, and to foster a deeper understanding of the world we live in. After all, the world is constantly changing.

An interdisciplinary philosophy platform

Why did we opt for an interdisciplinary approach? Interdisciplinary research allows for a synthesis of ideas that integrates characteristics from different disciplines. At Future Based, we believe in interdisciplinary studies—beyond the buzz. We believe in expertise, yet by asking questions about the established frameworks of ones own expertise, become better traders of interdisciplinary knowledge. We see the crossing of borders between disciplines as highly potent spaces, but we are equally interested in analysing the pitfalls of interdisciplinary projects:

It is common to come across a theme that is relevant to, for instance, the fields of literature, art, and history, or a subject of inquiry that concerns both science and mathematics. And yet, it is rare to find models of research that fully incorporate such varying disciplines. The question that remains, is what form of interdisciplinary studies can really intertwine divergent disciplines and allow for a truly reciprocal exchange? What are the difficulties? And how can differences be overcome to make way for common ground between disciplines? How do you become a better interdisciplinary trader? How can you use your expertise, but at the simultaneously learn and apply knowledge from a different discipline? Here again, philosophy functions as a tool to think critically about the established frameworks and thought processes that govern different disciplines.

Studying topics thematically is an ideal way to bring a variety of ideas and approaches together, which can result in inspiration, new perspectives and meaningful learning. With this in mind, Future Based has selected a number of themes that can be viewed from different angles, which will form the roots of our projects. Various topics that fall within the overarching themes will be discussed from different perspectives in reading groups, performances, exhibitions and meetings.

These topics will be addressed from fields of study that range from the natural sciences and philosophy to art, technology and economics. For each meet-up, a different topic from one of the themes will be highlighted. We will engage in discussions with academics, field specialists and experiential experts. And since Future Based is not location-bound, this can happen literally anywhere.

The quest is to discover a form of interdisciplinary study that genuinely intertwines diverse fields, fostering a reciprocal exchange of ideas. How can we overcome the hurdles and establish common ground between disciplines? The Future Based Foundation embraces philosophy as a means to critically evaluate established frameworks and thought processes that govern different fields of study.

Thematic studies serve as a powerful way to bring diverse ideas and approaches together, leading to inspiration, novel viewpoints, and profound learning experiences. Therefore, we have curated a selection of themes that can be examined from multiple angles, forming the foundation of our projects. These topics span across various domains, from the natural sciences and philosophy to art, technology, and economics. Each meet-up will highlight a different topic, allowing for in-depth discussions with academics, specialists, and experiential experts. And the beauty of the Future Based Foundation lies in its boundless nature, enabling meet-ups to happen anywhere, unrestricted by physical boundaries.

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