Symbiocene Anthology

The Symbiocene Anthology is a series of alternative artists books reviews by Oscar Salguero, relating to the way in which we adapt or immerse ourselves into a post-anthropocene reality. Coined by philosopher Glenn Albrecht, the Symbiocene appeals to a new generation of humans aiming for symbiotic possibilities with nature and the various entities with whom we share this planet.


Oscar Salguero is a researcher, designer, and independent book curator based in Brooklyn, NY, where he runs The Antilibrary. In Spring 2021 at the Center for Book Arts, Salguero presented Interspecies Futures [IF], the first survey of contemporary bookworks focusing on alternative and fictional human-nonhuman scenarios. The Antilibrary identifies unconventional trends and predicts future attitudes via the study of independent artist books. More than a library, it is an experiment in cultural pattern recognition and culture alteration. Some subjects of interest include: hyperintelligences, quantum computing, bioarts, olfactive futures, etc. The Antilibrary believes the book remains the most advanced information technology ever devised.