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Nonhuman Nonsense: The Paradox of Anthropomorphism

Nonhuman Nonsense challenges the consensus with speculative art-sci projects. Trough design and art, they open up the discussion and enable access to underlying layers of politics, ethics and metaphysics. In this third podcast in the series 'Beyond Human Relations,

Sentientism: Evidence Based Compassion

Compassion for every sentient being: An unreachable Utopian vision, or practically attainable? In this second Beyond Human Relations podcast, Annika van den Born goes into conversation with Jamie Woodhouse, on Sentientism. Sentientism is a philosophy or worldview –

The Categorization of Migration Reality

Although migration and diversity are key factors in some of the most fundamental transformations of society today, there is still widespread unawareness and an abundance of myths around this topic. Moreover, the definition of “migrant” is highly divers and

What a Strange Self!

Do I know myself through and through? Is there a clear distinction between myself and the other? Or am I always somewhat of a stranger to myself, while the other is strangely familiar? In this podcast philosopher and researcher Femke van Hout address these questions from the perspective of the philosophy of the body.

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As we live on the brink of an environmental emergency, a new. understanding of Technological ecology must be cultivated. The carbon cost of one email with an attachment of 1MB is 19 grams of CO2. It is of no exaggeration when we say that every click counts; data-led systems contribute to new ecologies while obscuring

In this webinar, Sofia Kaloterakis will present the research of her Master Thesis around the relation of science fiction technological imaginaries and the emergence of the cultural idea of progress. How is techno-scientific knowledge framed as an indicator of progress? By giving emphasis on the cognitive modality of estrangement she analyzes along sci-fi the figure

Technology is everywhere: glued to other hands, integrated into our cars, or hidden behind garbage bins in your street. These technologies change the way we are in the world and experience it. For example, an urban walk is very different if you are efficiently using Google Maps to go from A to B, than if

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