Intersectionality: Questioning Power Structures

Is “gender” as a concept too simple? Does a binary approach to society do any harm and if so, what would that be? Do we need another conception of what gender is? In this podcast Floris and Karen Celis discuss how intersectionality has caused a paradigm shift in the long history of feminist thought. Intersectionality theory says that if you want to understand how gender operates in society, if you want to know how gender amplifies privileges and other generalizations, you also need to understand how it intersects with other strands of inequality like socioeconomic status and ethnicity. It seems that the only way to go about bridging the inequality gap is to put democratic deliberation at the centre of our understanding and to listen to, respect, and value the knowledge and expertise of minority voices.

Intersectionality: Questioning Power Structures2020-09-04T09:48:26+00:00

Landscaping Facts and Fiction – Beyond Human Relations

Future Based’s podcast series on ‘Beyond Human Relations’, is hosted by Michelle Geraerts. Michelle is a PhD student at University of Amsterdam's department of Anthropology, and she specialises in natural resources. She is

Landscaping Facts and Fiction – Beyond Human Relations2020-08-23T17:14:51+00:00

Sixty Minutes Back to the Future: The Pleasure of Friction

In the webinar ‘The Pleasure of Friction’ Miriam Rasch poses the question how we can resist an increasingly ‘frictionless’  society, filled with smart devices, communicative automation, and ubiquitous surveillance. Moreover, is it possible to

Sixty Minutes Back to the Future: The Pleasure of Friction2020-09-12T13:30:30+00:00
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