Podcast: Science in the wild with Roland van Dierendonck

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Everything around us is part of an ecosystem: the earth, the forest​s, but also plants are part of the system that sustains life on earth. Plants make oxygen and are food for humans and animals​. They are also one of the few living organisms that can make their own food from air and light. Leafy green granules are a crucial part of this and also cause the green color of leaves. With the help of microscopy and do-it-yourself coloring methods, we can expose the cell structures of plants.

Podcast: Philosophy of the body – Aldo Houterman

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When the ‘mind- body debate’ comes to mind, we often mention Descartes in the same breath. But since Descartes, there have been a lot of philosophers who thought about the mind body relation and a few major paradigm shifts around this topic. Wittgenstein for example, offers an introduction on the philosophy of the body and the meaning of body language. Merleau-Ponty, referred to our body as the primary source of knowledge, and Michael Serres praised the body and stated that the mind is born in the metamorphose possibilities by our bodies.

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