Sabine Winters (2019). Photo by Dana Dijkgraaf and Nicole Hageman

Perhaps it’s something of all times…. to think we are on a turning point, but it seems to me that there are so many writings on the wall we can’t ignore that indeed we are, due to technology, living on the border of a paradigm shift. In my belief our world perspective will change dramatically in the coming twenty years. It’s just that we sometimes can’t see clearly what is right under our collective nose: our world isn’t only changing, it is changing faster than ever.

My name is Sabine Winters (1983). I’m a freelance philosopher. My research has developed with a focus on the role and function of the imagination in science. As a professional in the world of philosophy, science and art, I’m practically oriented and interested in the process of idea development and the ‘how and why’ behind a theory or process. I’m an intrinsically motivated enthusiastic explorer, always open to new ideas and perspectives because I firmly believe in lifelong learning.

Over the last eight years, I have encountered researchers, scientists, philosophers, artists, designers and entrepreneurs who are breaking the rules of their respective disciplines, often taken risks with new projects and experiments. I have had conversations over coffee with them, conversations by mail which got published in a book. Sometimes we did research together, or I followed them on their way. I wrote some of it down on my website, and organized lectures about crossover disciplines. Thanks to the possibilities of our modern era I connected with a curator in Milan and talked about the role of women in the world of art. I met values driven visionaries who are spreading their ideas through festivals, lectures and implementing their theories in society.

After a few years working in this field, it’s time to take this unbridled fascination on the ways we think to a new level. Through writings, podcasts and discussions, I want to contemplate about our ways of learning, about what we consider to be knowledge and how we try to find meaning in this faster than ever changing world. By doing so I want to facilitate new networks and foster more crossovers between different disciplines and providing new insights about this fascinating time we live in.

Next to my freelance existence, I’m an enthusiastic newbie on astrophotography. I live with my daughter and partner near the woods, where I love to hike.

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