Future Based + Filip Studios residency program

At Future Based, we believe in interdisciplinary studies—beyond the buzz. Interdisciplinary research allows for a synthesis of ideas that integrates characteristics from different disciplines. We see the crossing of borders between disciplines as highly potent spaces, but we are equally interested in analyzing the pitfalls of interdisciplinary projects. It is common to come across a theme that is relevant to, for instance, the fields of literature, art, and history, or a subject of inquiry that concerns both science and mathematics. And yet, it is rare to find models of research that fully incorporate such varying disciplines. The question that remains, is what form of interdisciplinary studies can really intertwine divergent disciplines and allow for a truly reciprocal exchange?

With this question in mind, Future Based joined forces with Fillip Studios in 2019. Together we developed and organize(d) three residency periods (October 2019, March 2020, October 2020), in which attendees from different disciplines work together on a case, provided by real case-holders. Here again, philosophy functions as a tool to think critically about the established frameworks and thought processes that govern different disciplines: How can differences be overcome to make way for common ground between disciplines?

Upcoming Residency program: September – December 2020

The new residency period runs from September till December 2020. You will take part in masterclasses on Tuesdays like concept developing, prototype making and pitch training. And there will be several lectures from the case holders or researchers that relate to the themes you are working on.

Possible cases are how to reduce loneliness in a city, the future of robotics in health care or how to improve the ecological systems in a residential area. The cases are presented by clients such as scientific institutions, governmental organizations or companies.

You will spend a maximum of 8 hours per week working on the case over a period of three months. You will work in a team with people from various disciplines and backgrounds. At the end of the residency period you will present your concepts to the case holder. Location: Online and (if possible) Fillip Studios in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

Please note that the residency of September is now open for application. Would you like to take part in the residencies, or receive more information? Fill in the form: Get in touch with us here.

Fillip Studios

Fillip Studios is an art and design studio that combines art, science, technology and social issues.

The studio creates tangible objects and experiences that evoke a sense of wonder and converts the used techniques into impactful and innovative value for society. Fillip Studios is founded by the artists Roos Meerman and Tom Kortbeek, creating both independent work and projects in cooperation with universities, institutions, museums and companies. ( Source text: Fillip Studios)

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