Dr. Anton Poikolainen Rosén is a Postdoctoral researcher at Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture. His research focuses on sustainable futures in Human-Cumputer Interaction and more-than-human design. He works with ethnographic methods, research through design, co-design, and speculative design. He has a PhD. in Informatics from Umeå University and Södertörn University, Sweden. Antons’ thesis focused on more-than-human design in urban farming communities. He currently works on a project that focuses on how people can experience and evaluate conflicting ideas of sustainable futures through the use of interactive prototypes. His design research portfolio is available at www.poiros.com.

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By the end of the podcast, Anton poses a question: I want to share a question, or rather exercise, from the book Hospicing Modernity by Vanessa Machado de Oliveira. It can be used to support the recognition of multiple simultaneous affective responses and ideas when we are involved with more-than-human design. What if you were a bus, what would different passengers and the driver think and feel?

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About the host, Chetana Pai:

Chetana (she/her) is a recent graduate of the University of Twente and has a Masters degree in Interaction Technology. She is especially interested and has worked on research to do with human interaction, human experience, movement, music, technology, and the combination of these fields. In addition to this, she is constantly experimenting with various creative mediums and facilitating workshops. These are mostly geared towards finding and exploring new ways to make people want to be creative and make tangibly (and often involve zines!) Learn more about Chetana’s work here.