Jelle van Dijk is a researcher, teacher, writer, speaker and he draws comics. He is an Assistant Professor in Human Centred Design at the University of Twente, amazed by people, who they are, what they do, and what they make. In his research he develops the theory of embodied sensemaking and how this and related concepts may help frame the design of physical-digital (‘smart’) products. Jelle teaches about this in the master course Embodied Interaction. In recent years, he has been involved with designing assistive products for and with autistic people. His aim is to create technology that adds meaning to people’s lives, as seen from the perspective of their own lived experience. Jelle believes one can only do this through participatory- or co-design and so with his research team, he develops toolkits and methods for that too. ‘Hopefully’, Jelle states on his website, ‘we’ll learn more about how to design and use technology in ways that enable people, in all their diversity of being, to be most fully themselves.’ Furthermore, Jelle is generally interested in phenomenology, embodied cognition theory, participatory design, co-design, participatory innovation, research-through-design, learning, cognitive development, ethnography, ethnomethodology, sensorimotor coupling, traces, skills, scaffolds, social coordination, nonverbal communication.

About the host: Chetana (she/her) is a recent graduate of the University of Twente and has a Masters degree in Interaction Technology. She is especially interested and has worked on research to do with human interaction, human experience, movement, music, technology, and the combination of these fields. In addition to this, she is constantly experimenting with various creative mediums and facilitating workshops. These are mostly geared towards finding and exploring new ways to make people want to be creative and make tangibly (and often involve zines!) For Future Based, Chetana is co-hosting the podcast series Beyond Human Relations.  Get in contact with Chetana at:


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