Blurring Boundaries – Peter Paul Verbeek

“You cannot be against technology. It would be like being against gravity. We are technical beings.” Blurring Boundaries is an exploration of the ever-changing relationships between humans and technology, and between subjects and objects.

Blurring Boundaries – Peter Paul Verbeek2020-01-27T08:31:22+00:00

Ways of Knowing – Annika Kappner

Annika Kappner is an artist who creates multi-sensory compositions in the extensive fields of painting, installation art, sculpture, sound art and performances. She makes, as she calls it, ‘sensory-senographies', with the intention of bringing

Ways of Knowing – Annika Kappner2019-12-31T11:32:20+00:00

Podcast: Art and Algorithms with Jeroen van der Most

Dutch artist Jeroen van der Most combines traditional ways of making art with data, algorithms, and artificial intelligence. Jeroen describes his art as an exploration of the interplay between art history and technological progress.

Podcast: Art and Algorithms with Jeroen van der Most2019-12-13T07:32:17+00:00
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