Witchcraft made Science with Nella Piatek

This podcast is part of the Witchcraft made Science series, a collaboration with curator Lieke Wouters. In this podcast, we approach the witch as a stereotype as well as a new feminist icon. Making space for the spiritual, the scientific and the sceptical aspects of witchcraft, all seen from an artistic lens. In this episode, we welcome designer and researcher Nella Piatek.

Nella Piatek is a designer and researcher studying the evolution of the human in conjunction with digital technology, along with the implications and values that this entanglement conjures. By working through current digital assemblages, she investigates ways to activate new architecture for dialogue and critique. Her work explores anthropological futures and socio-technical imaginaries, where poetic introspection and rituals are used to touch upon the themes of faith, impermanence, and the infinite search for a sense of self within the digital context.

Podcast edit by Reon Cordova.


00:00:00 Introduction / 00:02:20 Art and practice of manifesting our hopes and dreams / 00:03:00 Into the Ethereal / 00:05:30 Tumblr witchcraft / 00:08:00 Relationship with technology / 00:10:00 CTRL+R to Re Flesh / 00:13:00 Error, glitch and haunting / 00:15:20 Cyberfeminist flâneur / 00:17:00 Minerals and crystals / 00:19:30 Popularity of witchcraft / 00:22:30 Digital impermanence

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