Time Capsule Letter by Justin Timmer


Dear Justin and others who read this, Today it was ten years ago that I was envisioning a future I would like to live in. Today I was thinkingof you. And I hope you are there. I’ve made drawings of cities, living spaces, clothing, vehicles andmany more. I imagined a future of living buildings, actual living buildings. Walls and shapes that can expand,shrink, and breathe. Buildings that

Time Capsule Letter by Justin Timmer2022-08-16T13:23:59+02:00

Time Capsule contribution by Casper ter Heerdt


Breathe The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing - Socrates Please take a deep breath. Breathe once more. Do it again. Slowly go on breathing. Take your time. Try to be aware of what you're doing. We humans have a heart, often seen as our centre. Our motor, a mechanism to be able to live. We have muscles, physical power. We have a brain; the

Time Capsule contribution by Casper ter Heerdt2022-07-14T14:41:31+02:00

A New Node – Time Capsule contribution by Marjolein Pijnappels


    A slow, bellowing roar broke the early morning in half. Birds dispersed agitated from the glass domed greenhouse where agri-robots dutifully continued to water, cut, plant and harvest the crops as if this was just another day. But it wasn’t. Something was about to happen that hadn’t happened for years. A short, speculative story on the future of birth by Marjolein Pijnappels   Awakened

A New Node – Time Capsule contribution by Marjolein Pijnappels2022-06-02T14:47:21+02:00

The Internet in 2050: a Day in the Future


    By Rudy van Belkom, The Netherlands Study Centre for Technology Trends (STT) | 5 April, 2022 “I walk out of the virtual meeting room and say goodbye to my Japanese colleagues. My workday is done. Cool that we could walk through the hydrogen park and see with our own eyes that the production is now completely sustainable. Before I take off my VR glasses, I decide

The Internet in 2050: a Day in the Future2022-05-16T11:43:54+02:00

Time Capsule contribution by Patricia Nagtzaam


Patricia Nagtzaam (she/they) is currently studying Communication and Multimedia Design at Avans University in Breda (NL) and is working as a design & research intern at studio Laura A Dima. Patricia Nagtzaam is an interdisciplinary designer working at the intersections of design, academic research, technology and art. Their work envisions our future (kinships) and questions our hierarchies, systems and ethics. Topics they work with include, but are

Time Capsule contribution by Patricia Nagtzaam2022-05-23T08:57:08+02:00

A flourishing future starting in 2030 by Sebastian Campos Möller


Time Capsule contribution by: Sebastian Campos Möller Industrial Designer & Foresight Strategist www.sebastiancampos.com Join our time-capsule. Education: Education shifts from industrial binary thinking to include additive thinking. The spectrum of possibility is learnt to be considered. Imagination is valued. Ideas can be entertained without rejecting or accepting them immediately. Education is FREE for everyone. We are taught survival information: Cooking, Growing, Creating, Building, Repairing, Collaborating.   Media and

A flourishing future starting in 2030 by Sebastian Campos Möller2022-03-31T13:44:52+02:00

Time Capsule by Studio Daarheen


Three visions of the future Studio Dáárheen by Nicole Spit, presents three visions of the future, in short 4" animation images. The visions are based on identified value shifts in our society: - Talent vision - Nature vision - Intuition vision Talent visions In the big data world, the talents of people who can hyperfocus (such as in some

Time Capsule by Studio Daarheen2022-02-09T14:36:15+01:00

The Feels – Time Capsule Contribution by Peter Joosten


Kofi shuffles forward. ‘你好吗?’ asks the mango seller. Kofi's earbuds translate it instantly. "I'm fine, thank you," he replies. He gives the seller a few coins. Five Bolga, the local currency of Bolgatanga, a small town in northern Ghana. Kofi cuts a few notches in the mango with a Swiss army knife. He pops the pit out. He scoops out the flesh with a spoon. Deliciously juicy and

The Feels – Time Capsule Contribution by Peter Joosten2022-11-28T16:09:25+01:00
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