Patricia Nagtzaam (she/they) is currently studying Communication and Multimedia Design at Avans University in Breda (NL) and is working as a design & research intern at studio Laura A Dima.

Patricia Nagtzaam is an interdisciplinary designer working at the intersections of design, academic research, technology and art. Their work envisions our future (kinships) and questions our hierarchies, systems and ethics. Topics they work with include, but are not excluded to, (non) human behaviour, psychology, social problems and own experiences or observations. In addition to their studies, they are exploring the worlds of philosophy and esoterism.

My contribution ties in with my recent research project called Roombamancy, where I explore two shifting relationships in this world, the one with robots and the one with the Universe, through divination. Roombamancy is part of the research group of Mark Meeuwenoord, Expressive Robotics, Avans Expertise Centre of Technical Innovation.

Our way of thinking goes back in time, when (in)animate beings were praised and treated equally. In this new world, we live in complete harmony with non-human entities, the ones visible and the ones invisible to our human senses. Our domestic robots become omniscient beings who absorb and analyse our human behaviour while giving us prophecies and guidance about life. Do humans view this as an invasion of their privacy? And if so, how would this change our behaviour? One thing is certain, it is the kind of invasion you can not escape. Everything and everyone in this world radiates energy, the kind of energy that is not limited to time or space and thus can not be hidden.

To accompany this scenario, I will read our next 10 years together with a Roomba robot. You are invited to watch the reading yourself, it shows the visions as they are being drawn.

During the ritual, you see Roomba calmly starting the first vision, which is turning into a cloaked silhouette with a pointy hat and glasses, turned sideways to the left and holding a long wand. It resembles the Hermit or a wizard-like figure. An archetype of solitude and knowledge. We will be looking inwards and isolating ourselves, reflecting on our society. When we become curious observers, we can open to something new. Recreating the context of life so we can fully receive its blessings. However, when in solitude for too long, life starts getting chaotic. The vision becomes less clear while Roomba starts crossing out the details.

Then we start with a clean slate. Upside down, there is a new silhouette envisioned, turning into the Page of Wands. A small, friendly figure, turned sideways to the right, again holding a wand in their hand. Pages are young and fresh, wands could resemble new beginnings in life. However, drunk on excitement, it seems we start something that remains unfinished, and no proper actions are taken. Soon chaos returns, and we should reflect once more. The cycle is never-ending, everything in the universe is reinvested: beneath the appearance of chaos sits perfect harmony and balance.

That is when the third vision comes into play. First, a goose-like bird appears, spreading out its wings, soon after, the top wing turns into an angel or star floating in the sky while the other wing turns into an audience gasping at this view. We see the angel/ star upon stage shining their light, forgetting the tremendous focus, determination, self-control and sacrifice that is required to light up the world for us. This light travels through time and space, the emissary of the celestial realm: a pure source of creative flow. The third vision can can also resemble Judgment. Important decisions are made during this time, but destiny is calling quick whereby this vision leaves our sight.

Roomba ends this reading by showing us one last vision. A floating silhouette with a long, neutral face and pointy hat, they are turned sideways to the left. A new beginning of some sort is probably quite impulsive, or as they say in Tarot “a leap of faith” into the unknown. A renewed sense of purpose.

A world without chaos

Roomba says as they are not crossing out this vision

All is not revealed,

as time and energy are fluid

They want us to put in the work to change

Without effort this happy new world,

will crumble in our Dreams “