00:00:00 Introduction / 00:01:48 The zoöp model/ 00:04:00  Laws and seperation / 00:06:00 The learning process of zoöp/ 00:09:00 What does it mean to exist as a non-human? / 00:12:00 an An advocate for zoop in your organization / 00:19:00 The role of cultural institutions / 00:22:00 A simple way to bring your garden back to life / 00:25:00 Join zoöp /

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At the end of the podcast (00:27:00), Klaas asks us as listeners an important question: What would the economy look like if it were regenerative? What would the economy look like if it supported life on earth, instead of eating it? Think with us on our Mural board, Click here.

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About the host, Chetana Pai:

Chetana (she/her) is a recent graduate of the University of Twente and has a Masters degree in Interaction Technology. She is especially interested and has worked on research to do with human interaction, human experience, movement, music, technology, and the combination of these fields. In addition to this, she is constantly experimenting with various creative mediums and facilitating workshops. These are mostly geared towards finding and exploring new ways to make people want to be creative and make tangibly (and often involve zines!)  Learn more about Chetana’s work here.