Podcast Dotted Lines – Intercultural philosophy with Renate Schepen

In this podcast with philosopher Renate Schepen, we will explore the ways in which the discourse of Western philosophy is (slowly) changing, how the use of language plays an important role in structuring our society, and why we consider certain types of perspectives more valuable than others. Among all the distinctions that we make, we might find the dotted lines: "What appear to be solid divisions, might appear to be dotted lines and therefore you might find out that things are connected that seemed to be separated/divided. "

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Reflection on the philosophical understanding of colour.

According to our everyday experience, the objects that surround us are coloured. Lemons are yellow, cucumbers are green, and our car is black. But according to physical science, lemons, cucumbers, and our car are composed of particles that are not attributed with colour whatsoever. These two pictures of the world seem not entirely compatible, but how come? Is philosophy able to provide us with an answer to this question?

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