Recognition and Responsibility – Future Based Politics

This Future Based-podcast series hosted by Floris Schleicher, brings you conversations about our political institutions. Topics discussed include: How are our political institutions designed? To what extent can they cope with 21st century problems like climate change, inequality, polarization and migration? What do the possible alternatives to our current political institutions look like? And what might be their advantages and drawbacks? Big and interesting questions. If you want to know more about politics, justice and the future this is the right podcast for you.

Recognition and Responsibility – Future Based Politics2020-08-15T10:35:54+00:00

Reading Sessions: Formations Rather than Forms

Through philosophical and cultural texts, we investigate the movement and position of the masses, the individual, the collective and the other. Together we ask: Where am I among the masses? How can the We stay fluid and open without loosing its safe haven? How can the Other(s) be an extension instead of an objectifier? And which role do I play within the formations?

Reading Sessions: Formations Rather than Forms2020-08-15T10:34:01+00:00
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