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Credits to the Chicken with Catherine Oliver

  Dr Catherine Oliver is a geographer and researcher currently working with urban chickens and keepers in London at the Department of Geography, University of Cambridge. From September of this year, she will be relocating to Lancaster [...]

Animal Technology with Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas

    Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas is Lecturer/Assistant Professor in Animal-Computer Interaction at The University of Glasgow in Scotland (UK). Her research explores how animals interact with computer systems and how to designing and build methods to [...]

Voicing Non-human Life with Klaas Kuitenbrouwer

Klaas Kuitenbrouwer studied history at the University of Utrecht, developed an art practice that moved into the field of digital culture. Since the late1990ies Klaas works at the intersections of culture, technology and ecology and I [...]

Identity Phaedra Fidessa & Victoria Libucha

We will expand upon the topic of identity with a podcast series on identity & belonging in the modern world. The podcasts will feature guests representing the past, present and future of what it means to belong [...]

Time Capsule Letter by Justin Timmer

Dear Justin and others who read this, Today it was ten years ago that I was envisioning a future I would like to live in. Today I was thinkingof you. And I hope you are there. [...]


Tribal Marks: The horrors of being a living culture confluence

This entry was submitted by Peculiar Adebayo. Bin gar keine Russin Stamm’ aus Litauen, Echt deutsch. - S. Elliot This line is in an English poem and one blogger commenting on it refers to the Tower of Babel curse, a sort of rootlessness that plagued the multilingual elite of Europe. It’s [...]

Preparing for the Singularity: The Importance of Imagination

The development of sophisticated algorithms that can simulate human cognition and carry out tasks that were previously reserved for humans is referred to as artificial intelligence (AI). AI systems are capable of analyzing massive amounts of data, detecting patterns, and making decisions with little human intervention. Examples of AI systems include conversational agents, image recognition software, and predictive analytics. AI is increasingly integrated into modern technology and could have a significant impact on a wide range of industries such as healthcare, finance, and manufacturing. Nevertheless, there are ethical concerns associated with AI, as well as potential implications for employment. One area of AI that has attracted significant attention is the notion of Technological Singularity.

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