Latest Past Events

Witchcraft Foretells Science

P-OST Driekoningenstraat 16, Arnhem

Before the Enlightenment, magic was intertwined with daily life. The use of charms, divination, and healing were all common practice. People didn’t believe in the division between matter and spirit and imagined the cosmos as a living organism, populated by occult forces. Backed by Church and State, this magical view of the world was destroyed to make place for a more rational, mechanical philosophy. During this transition from

€7.00 – €8.50

Philosophy Salon: Going blank: Loss of emotions in the era of technology

Tetterode Complex Bilderdijkstraat 165-B, Amsterdam

Going blank: Loss of emotions in the era of technology Self-control is a prized character trait in ancient philosophy. As children, we’re taught to get our emotions under control. But perfect mastery is impossible: our emotions tend to control us. With the rise of new technology, perfect emotional regulation becomes within our reach. Imagine if, with just a click of a button, you could be sent into Stoic

€6 – €8

Hello? Are we alone?

Focus Filmtheater Audrey Hepburnplein 1, Arnhem

What role does imagination play when it comes to scientific thinking? In Fiction meets Science in Space, we will engage scientists and artists in a conversation based on four science fiction films where fiction meets science. How should we imagine life on Mars? Can we travel through time and if so, what exactly would happen? How many dimensions are there in our universe? Science Fiction movies give us