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Join us for a session exploring the impact of generative AI on the design industry through engaging in a speculative scenario! Generative AI, accessible to anyone with good internet connectivity, is believed by some to empower individuals without formal design training to achieve professional-grade results quickly. The rapid rise of generative AI tools has both excited and concerned many creatives, with some fearing the potential demise of traditional design practices.

In this one-hour session, we will delve deeper into this uncertainty by playing out a provocative future scenario, or “provotype.” In this speculative narrative, the excessive and easy use of generative AI tools has rendered traditional design education obsolete. We’ll explore questions such as: Which design tasks can be effectively outsourced to AI? What does design education mean in an AI-driven era? What does the future hold for the design industry?

Through speculative games and collaborative storytelling, we aim to discuss these and other questions, ultimately creating visions for the future that envision the coexistence of human and machine creativity.

About the host:

Karolina Thakker

Karolina is a Polish design and foresight consultant based in Delft, the Netherlands, specializing in applying futures thinking approaches to design and innovation processes. She is the founder of Happy Futures Lab, an experimental playground for dreaming and prototyping happier tomorrows. Karolina uses design and futures thinking approaches to explore challenges, discover opportunities, and create positive change in society. Her ambition is to combine her background in design and experience in foresight to support organizations and policymakers in embracing uncertainty and creating innovation for the future we would like to one day live in.


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