Let’s get physical: The Philosophy of the Body.


Future Based #5 Long before Dick Swaab, both Plato and Descartes had already contended that we are our brains. They premised that thought is conducted within the head, and—since the head sits atop the body—stands in direct communication with the divine. Dangling from the head there is the body; passionate, surly, mechanical, and in need of domestication. Every single thought or action is ushered through the head, our

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Podcast: Biohacking – an introduction with DIY – futurist Peter Joosten


Future Based is diving into the world of biohacking and mind hacking, kicking off with the expert and DIY Futurist; biohacker Peter Joosten. This fourth episode will offer an introduction and further exploration into the topic of biohacking. What are the implications of these new technologies? Are we making humans better, or possibly making better humans? But first, a short introduction on our motivations for addressing biohacking. I’m

Podcast: Biohacking – an introduction with DIY – futurist Peter Joosten2020-03-13T12:36:02+01:00

Shad Raouf – The Challenge of Biotechnology


Mankind and technology are intricately interlaced; we simply cannot do without. Don’t want to do without, as a matter of fact. Nonetheless, our relationship to technology is laborious to say the least. When it comes to technology, there is a tendency to think in terms of ‘good’ and ‘bad.’ How do we move beyond this stalemate? Every medicine has its side-effects; as does the use of technology bear

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