Future Based is diving into the world of biohacking and mind hacking, kicking off with the expert and DIY Futurist; biohacker Peter Joosten.

This fourth episode will offer an introduction and further exploration into the topic of biohacking. What are the implications of these new technologies? Are we making humans better, or possibly making better humans?

But first, a short introduction on our motivations for addressing biohacking. I’m very much interested in how technology influences our social norms and everyday lives. We are constantly upgrading the world around us—and subsequently, ourselves—through technology. These developments seem unstoppable, or indeed even inevitable.

The question at hand is whether this forebodes a slippery slope towards disaster, or a new world full of fantastic possibilities? How does biohacking technology influence us? In my opinion, technological developments such as biohacking or mind hacking shouldn’t be viewed as something that stands in direct opposition to what it means to be human.

Rather, I view these as developments in which technology functions as a mediator. For more information on this topic, I’d like to refer to thetechnological philosophy experts Don Idhe and Peter Paul Verbeek.

In extension of this introduction, Future Based wants to explore the questions surrounding biotechnology in conversation with artists, philosophers, and scientists. Already we are organizing new meetups on this topic with artists and philosopher Aldo Houterman (his book on sport and philosophy will be published in 2019) —we can’t do any more name dropping yet, but it looks very promising!

If you have questions or comments regarding this topic, please let us know at goodnews@futurebased.org, or get in touch via Instagram @ Artbasedfuture, or on Twitter @ Futurebasedorg

Would you like to read more? Books referred to are:
This link brings you to Youtube, with a pretty good summary of Kevin Kelly, The Inevitable  
Yuval Noah Harrari, Homo Deus and Homo Sapiens
Gerard Leonhart, Technology versus humanity
Peter Paul Verbeek and Don Idhe on how technology changes us
Interested in the work of Peter? Visit: Superhumantalks.com or peterjoosten.net

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