Mankind and technology are intricately interlaced; we simply cannot do without. Don’t want to do without, as a matter of fact. Nonetheless, our relationship to technology is laborious to say the least.

There is a tendency to think in terms of ‘good’ and ‘bad.’ How do we move beyond this stalemate?

In the meetup Technology & Human beings, Shad Raouf will challenge us to think about our relationship with technology. Shad obtained his Master of Arts in philosophy at Radboud University Nijmegen in 2017.

During this meetup, Shad will give an introduction into the viewpoints of Stiegler concerning technology. Every medicine has its side-effects; as does the use of technology bear its own pros and cons. What are the sore points in our relationship to technology? And where might great opportunities loom? Can we exercise any control over the development of technology, or is our influence limited to how we wield it?

You can read his master thesis here, get a grasp on the subject and share your thoughts during the discussion. The focus during the meetup will be on chapter 9 – 11.

Tickets for the meet up can be bought here.


For more information about Shad Raouf, please visit his site.

Photo credits: by Siyan Ren on Unsplash