The Reality of Symbiosis


Sometimes reality catches up with fiction really fast. In their work, designer Noam Youngrak Son often experiments with blurring boundaries between science fiction and reality. Whether it concerns speculative scenario’s on the value of viruses or a book specifically written for bats. In this podcast host Annika van den Born goes into conversation [...]

The Reality of Symbiosis2021-12-24T16:53:23+01:00

Sentientism: Evidence Based Compassion


Compassion for every sentient being: An unreachable Utopian vision, or practically attainable? In this second Beyond Human Relations podcast, Annika van den Born goes into conversation with Jamie Woodhouse, on Sentientism. Sentientism is a philosophy or worldview – a way of thinking about what to believe and what we should care about. Sentientists [...]

Sentientism: Evidence Based Compassion2021-12-24T17:04:46+01:00

Landscaping Facts and Fiction – Beyond Human Relations


Future Based’s podcast series on ‘Beyond Human Relations’, is hosted by Michelle Geraerts. Michelle is a PhD student at University of Amsterdam's department of Anthropology, and she specialises in natural resources. She is familiar with regular as well as creative approaches to qualitative research, and employs methods such as sensory ethnography. Having collaborated [...]

Landscaping Facts and Fiction – Beyond Human Relations2020-10-11T08:21:57+02:00
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