Compassion for every sentient being: An unreachable Utopian vision, or practically attainable?

In this second Beyond Human Relations podcast, Annika van den Born goes into conversation with Jamie Woodhouse, on Sentientism. Sentientism is a philosophy or worldview – a way of thinking about what to believe and what we should care about. Sentientists use scientific evidence and reason to work out what to believe in, so they reject supernatural beliefs. Sentientists also have compassion for all sentient beings – any being capable of suffering. Usually, this concerns human and nonhuman animals. What are exemplary cases for the broad practice of Sentientism? And what are the difficulties that Sentientists have to cope with in their research?

After a 23-year career as management consultant, Jamie Woodhouse left his corporate role as a Managing Director in 2017 to pursue a range of new projects, including the development of Sentientism as a philosophy and a movement.”

About the host: Annika is a master student in Philosophy of Behavioural Sciences at Radboud University. During her bachelor in Cultural Anthropology and Development studies she dove into the world of anti-anthropocentric anthropology. Asking questions of being, turning ontological world views and opening up possibilities for an ongoing future through creative co-operation and multispecies symbioses is what deeply drives her.

Annika is the second host of our podcast series ‘Beyond Human Relations’, she will build on what her teacher and thesis counselor Michelle and founder Sabine beautifully initiated.


00:000:00 Introduction/ 00:02:00 Introduction Sentientism / 00:05:00 Are we all sentient beings? / 00:11:00 Degrees sentientism / 00:14:00 Religion, Humanism and compassion / 00:19:00 Animal-right movements Richard Ryder and Peter Singer / 00:20:00 Morally correct discrimination/ 00:25:00 Rights to objects and animals/ 00:30:00 Direct implications and consequences of Sentientism / 00:40:00 An utopian vision? / 00:43:00 Recommendations

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