Podcast: Beyond Ourselves – Lisa Doeland

If the objects that are around us, reflect the social structures of our period  what does that tell us about our social structures? This podcast is about the, so it seems, interchangeable relationships we

Podcast: Beyond Ourselves – Lisa Doeland2019-05-29T13:57:32+00:00

The Future is calling!

Greetings earthlings! The future is calling! Five main subjects Are you through with negative discussions about the future? Let us start afresh! Indeed, many of us are all too conscious of the challenges and

The Future is calling!2019-05-29T13:54:51+00:00

Future Based thinking Theo Ploeg II

Future Based Podcast addresses issues ranging from the natural sciences and philosophy to art, technology and economics; a different subject will be highlighted in every podcast. We will engage in discussions with academics, field

Future Based thinking Theo Ploeg II2019-05-29T13:57:02+00:00
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