Warning us with dystopia, post-apocalyptic survival, but also showing how to befriend alien species and navigate the galaxy, science fiction tells us stories about the future. Sci-fi offers us the ability to travel through time and dimensions, evoking thoughts, theories and thrills about possible futures. Reading group “Science Fiction minus Fiction Futures” invites you to study and discuss how sci-fi has predicted the future in the past along with how sci-fi can help us visualize the future.

From October 2021 to January 2022, four reading sessions of “Science Fiction minus Fiction Futures” welcome you to join our discussion. Each session will evolve around a specific theme and can be followed separately or all together. Together, we will study four themes in science fiction: symbiotic robotics, climate fiction, time travel, and post-apocalyptic living. What seems far-fetched, might be under the section ‘current affairs ‘ before you now it. What does sci-fi teach us about the now, and reveal about our futures?

This reading group is curated and hosted by Lilian de Jong. Get in touch with Lilian here.

Events of the reading group can be found here.

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