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No longer purely figures in science fiction, robots make up a progressively larger part of society due to developments in artificial intelligence. As we guide ourselves through our evolving relationships with robots assisting us in a diverse range of disciplines, such as well-being, health, and sex, we form our own ideas about what human-machine interaction we find comforting, exciting and/or helpful. Our relationship with robots grows closer and more personal, urging us to explore a future where robots are treated as a species, which can be assisted by science fiction.

In this reading session we examine concepts surrounding symbiotic robotics, such as love, intimacy, and (sexual) consent. Tapping into how science fiction has shown us examples of loving robots and robot love, we discuss our changing attitudes to human-robot relationships. How do we want our relationships with robots to evolve?

Symbiotic Robotics is part of the reading sessions Science Fiction minus Fiction Futures.

This event will be hosted by Lilian de Jong at de Utrechtse Boekebar.

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