Sabine Winters

Freelance Philosopher


Sabine Winters (1983) is a professional in the world of philosophy of science and art. She is practically oriented and interested in the process of idea development and the ‘how and why’ behind a theory or process.

Questioning established frameworks has become a second nature to her. Sabine is an intrinsically motivated enthusiastic explorer, always open to new ideas and perspectives.


Utrecht University – Bachelor’s degree- Philosophy – 2013 – 2020 (part-time)

Radboud University – Master’s degree – Specialization Philosophy of Science 2020 – 2022

As a philosopher you do not offer ready-made solutions, but through a critical and creative handling of a large diversity of contemporary issues you are able to create new frameworks through which you make a meaningful contribution to possible solutions. In addition, the Master’s specialization in Philosophy and Science analyses the relation of philosophy and science in terms of their historical development, as well as the current situation. My research is focused on the role of imagination in the Natural Sciences.

Additional certified courses :

Curating New Media Art: Process, Interaction, Virtuality: Node Center (March – May 2019)

Philosophy of Technology : Twente University (May 2018)

Curating Art and Science; potentials and pitfalls: Node Center (January – March 2018)


Future Based (2018 – now)

Founder and director

As the founder of the Future Based platform I’m responsible for curating the program, as well as executing the projects and ideas. I now work with a (permanent) team of freelancers to ensure the continuity of Future Based. For more information and personal motivation on this project, please visit this link. If you want to know more about the projects, please click here.

Denkkaders (2015 – now)

Freelance Philosopher

As freelance philosopher on art and science I’ve been involved in a wide spectrum of projects, ranging from copywriter for a design project, to workshops for game designers and several film and philosophy courses. For more information about the projects and publications, please visit this link.

Oddstream (2021 – now)

Programme Manager

As a programme manager and curator for Oddstream, together with my co-worker Lieke, I’m responsible for the programme of Oddstream. Oddstream is a platform for art and technology, and is part of Lindenberg Theatre in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Oddstream shows art that explores the possibilities and limits of digital technologies. In this way Oddstream seeks to visualize and provide insight into developments in the field of these technologies in relation to a variety of social issues.

Foreland (2021 – now)

Programme Manager

As a programme manager for Forland Studios, I’m responsible for the production for the first try out of the Foreland initiative in March 2022. Foreland studios is uniquely positioned in between a wide range of innovative companies involved in the transition towards sustainable energy provision. Most of these focus on everything that is happening around production, accumulation, distribution, and consumption of hydrogen as a highly promising carrier of energy. Discovery of futures starts in Foreland. Foreland Studios: Artistic research into techno-social interaction

Fillip Studios x Future Based residency programme (2019 – 2020)

Head of residency programme

The programme includes a collaboration between my philosophy platform, Future Based and design studio Fillip Studios. In this programme, multiple researchers and artists bundle their forces over the course of three months to work collaboratively on a real case that is provided by case-holders (i.e. the municipality of Arnhem, University Twente, Museum Arnhem). Aside from constructing and organizing the programme I also supervise students during the interdisciplinary working process.

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