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What role does imagination play when it comes to scientific thinking? In Fiction meets Science in Space, we will engage scientists and artists in a conversation based on four science fiction films where fiction meets science. How should we imagine life on Mars? Can we travel through time and if so, what exactly would happen? How many dimensions are there in our universe? Science Fiction movies give us a glimpse of what is possible, but what is fiction and what is science? In this series of four film events, Sabine Winters (founder Future Based) engages with scientists and artists about the reality behind fiction: Where does science meet fiction?

Sabine Winters (1983) is a freelance philosopher of science and the founder of the philosophy platform Future Based. With Future Based she organizes lectures, meetings and publishes podcasts and articles. Scientific Imagination is Sabine’s project in which she researches the role and function of imagination in scientific thinking.

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Please note that two events will be held in English, two in Dutch.
The aftertalk of Inner Telescope will be held in English.

Inner Telescope, a Space Artwork by Eduardo Kac », directed by Virgile Novarina. A production by the Observatoire de l’Espace du CNES.

Why would we want to bring art into space? Why is it important to involve artists in thinking about space? This evening we approach space from an interdisciplinary angle with Anna Sitnikova curator and manager of the Moon Gallery Foundation and Virgile Novarina, director of the film Inner Telescope. The film documents the conception and the realization of the very first artistic performance in Space. Created by the artist Eduardo Kac to exist in weightlessness and to be made on board the International Space Station by French astronaut Thomas Pesquet, the work “Inner Telescope” lays the foundation for a new form of art and poetry, freed from the constraints of gravity. During this evening we will learn more about the importance of examining space from all kinds of angles: design, art, science. Why is it important to organize art projects in space? How can an interdisciplinary approach to space us help in understanding who we are as human beings?


Aftertalk in English: Virgile Novarina (online)

Following his studies in Mathematics and Physics, Virgile Novarina (born 1976) devoted his work to the artistic exploration of his own sleep, in the form of writing and drawings, and to the sleep of others in the form of photos and videos. Novarina has published eight books of Night Writings and Drawings and has exhibited his work in France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Poland and the United States. Since 2006, the simple act of sleeping has become an integral part of his work, in performances entitled “En somme”, during which he sleeps in public in the display windows of stores, galleries and museums. Previously, he had made “Around sleep” (12’, 2004), a short film unfolding on the course of one day and whose only characters are sleepers and yawners. In 2016, he directed “Deep into Sleep” (39’, a.p.r.e.s Production), a literary and philosophical descent into various sleep states, with Michel Butor, Clément Rosset, Pierre Pachet, and Jean-Luc Nancy. His last film, “Inner Telescope, a Space Artwork by Eduardo Kac” (35’, Observatoire de l’Espace, 2017), takes us on a journey from Earth towards the International Space Station for the creation of the first spatial poem conceived by Kac that explores weightlessness (“micro or zero gravity”) as a writing medium.

Anna Sitnikova (live)

Anna Sitnikova is a designer, speaker & curator based in Amsterdam. She is project leader at Studio Samira Boon, Amsterdam. She has her own design & research studio Anna Sitnikova in Amsterdam. She is curator, manager and the Vice Chair of the Moon Gallery Foundation in Wassenaar (NL), and elected expert at Technical Committee on Cultural Utilisation of Space (ITACCUS) of the IAF, as well as elected expert of the Space Habitats Committee of the IAF.

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