Annika Kappner is an artist who creates multi-sensory compositions in the extensive fields of painting, installation art, sculpture, sound art and performances. She makes, as she calls it, ‘sensory-senographies’, with the intention of bringing people into contact with their respective environments in an innovative and refreshing way. Her projects are multi-sensory because she does not limit herself to the visual or auditive, but also engages her art with the olfactory and kinetic domains. She does this, for example through touch, smell or the lived experience of movement. Additionally, she employs inner images through guided mediation

With her research she uncovers the multi-layeredness of our perception. In this episode of Future Based’s podcast, we listen to Annika talk about her sources of inspiration and how she explores alternative ways of experiencing the world around us. In what different ways can we perceive the world? And why should we even make an effort of exploring those domains? A wonderful podcast on knowledge, technology, metaphysics, efficiency, and antidotes. For more information, we warmly recommend to read books.

To start with, you can find some interesting titles in the Shownotes below. And if you indeed decide to go for a book-hunt, why not start with your favourite bookstore around the corner? : -) Speaking of favourite bookstores, Annika will take part in the meetup Bias of the Senses, on the 18th of January 2020 at De Utrechtse Boekenbar. Join us!


(00:00) Introduction on Future Based and Annika Kappner / (02:35) Philosopher Federico Campagna: Technique and Magic / (04.15) Composer Pauline Oliveros: Deep Listening/ (05:40) Anne Bearing: re-integration of intuition / (07:00) We have become resources/ (09:00) Deconstructing communication / (11:00) Incantation, materializing and resonating / (14:00) What doesn’t add up, makes us aware / (16:15) Mindfulness as an efficiency-tool / (18:00) Everything is always in transformation/ (19:00) The quantification of everything and value (of money) / (20:00) The vital role of Art / (22:00) Conclusion and outro

More information on Annika Kappner, visit her site.

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