Although migration and diversity are key factors in some of the most fundamental transformations of society today, there is still widespread unawareness and an abundance of myths around this topic. Moreover, the definition of “migrant” is highly divers and fluid. For example, did you know that in The Netherlands, if your mother or father was born abroad, you are considered an migrant too? And did you know that, depending on the reasons of migration, an immigrant has different rights and obligations? Migration and diversity have become highly politicised issues that play an important role in contemporary politics in many countries. But can we rely on quotas and numbers when it comes to human affairs?

Prof. dr. Tesseltje de Lange specializes in European regulation of economic migration and integration and its implications on the global and local level. She is an expert on migration and entrepreneurship, high-skilled migration, family migration and family member access to work. Additionally, she focuses on the theme around economic integration of refugees.

This Future Based podcast series is hosted by Floris Schleicher and brings you conversations about our political institutions. Topical questions discussed include: How are our political institutions designed? To what extent can they cope with 21st century problems like climate change, inequality, polarization and migration? What do the possible alternatives for our current political institutions look like? And what might be their advantages and drawbacks?



00:00:00 Introduction / 00:04:00 Introduction Tesseltje de Lange / 00:08:00 Categories of people with rights and obligations / 00:16:00 Migrated students and family reunion / 00:18:00 Meat-industry workers and out-sourced responsibility / 00:21:00 Lack of multi-language information and responsibility/00:26:00 Highly skilled migration/ 00:30:00 Quota’s / 00:39:00 Debunking myths on migration / 00:44:00 Recommendations


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Cathelijne Pol / Jacques Delore / Amitav Ghosh / John Lancaster / Hein de Haas

Further reading recommendations:

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