One of the main points of intercultural philosophy is that the philosophies of different parts of the world are treated equally. But even if we investigate perspectives of other cultures: we are (often) bound to our language use. Even the reference of ‘worldview’ or ‘perspective’ is referring to a certain kind of society in which perceiving with ones eyes plays an important role. Are there other perspectives that we might have to consider? And why should we?

In this podcast with philosopher Renate Schepen, we will explore the ways in which the discourse of Western philosophy is (slowly) changing, how the use of language plays an important role in structuring our society, and why we consider certain types of perspectives more valuable than others. Among all the distinctions that we make, we might find the dotted lines: “What appear to be solid divisions, might appear to be dotted lines and therefore you might find out that things are connected that seemed to be separated/divided. ” 1

Renate Schepen, works as a philosopher, dialogue facilitator and trainer. She is currently working on her PHD on intercultural philosophy in Vienna. More information about Renate can be found here:

This podcast is part of the internship project ‘Dotted Lines’ for Future Based by photographer Christian Tietge. His project will be continued in September 2019. More information will follow soon.


(1.00) Introduction Intercultural philosophy / (1.30)  Heinz Kimmerle: enlightenment of the Enlightenment / (2.50) Boaventura de Sousa Santos / (6:00) Economic power relations shifting / (8:00) Changes in fashion and beauty: change or marketing? / (10.30) The human way of thinking: the connection between ideas and reality / (12.35) Gender division and the invention of women by Oyeronke Oyewumi / (14:00) Yoruba language / (16.10) Mogobe Ramose; to become human / (18:45) What is valuable? Perspectives on knowledge / (20.25) Epistmicide: Boaventura de Sousa Santos / (20:50) Interdisciplinary and hierarchies in education  

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