Dutch artist Jeroen van der Most combines traditional ways of making art with data, algorithms, and artificial intelligence. Jeroen describes his art as an exploration of the interplay between art history and technological progress. Fueled by a fascination for artistic heritage, AI and what their interaction teaches us about ourselves.

Jeroens art was covered by most larger Dutch newspapers and TV programs like Tegenlicht. International media that covered his work include The Art Newspaper, and Trendwatching.com. His art to date was obtained by collectors from 20 countries and the national museum of New Zealand. It has been displayed in galleries and art fairs ranging from the Amsterdam to Hong Kong. 1

Jeroen makes, or co-creates, AI generated paintings. And as with every artistic expression, we can discuss if we find them aesthetic pleasing, or maybe not. But to state that artificial intelligence can be creative and generate creative paintings, as Jeroen does,  raises another kind of discussion: Can AI be creative? What kind of AI are we talking about? And what does it mean to ‘be creative’: is this a discussion about the meaning of the word ‘creativity’, or is there something else that underlies this discussion?


(00:00) Introduction on Future Based and Jeroen van der Most / (02:00) The basis of AI generated paintings / (03.15) A new van Gogh, made by AI / (05:00) What does a dog looks like? / (09:00) What technology makes us wonder / (11:00) Art of the future / (14:00) Conclusion

Banner: Dana Dijkgraaf.