Lisa Mandemaker is a social designer with a strategic, contextually aware and critical approach to research and practice. She considers design as a tool for debate and crafts (future) narratives through designed artifacts, using these as a form of storytelling to challenge assumptions, question or excite. Making impactful, topical work and creating strong interventions and conversation starters are key elements to her practice. Her work centers on the effects of emerging technology on people and their behaviour. In this podcast Lisa elaborates about her working methods, and why we need  designers to create new rituals.


00:00 Introduction Podcast and Lisa Mandemaker / 1:50 Research Methods / 3.55 Wander Wall and Mind Palace / 5:25 Lab Romanticism / 9:00 Paths of IVF / 10:00 Choreography / 10:30 New Rituals / 14:20 Path of the Embryo / 15:55 Designing Narratives / 16:40 Future Reproduction / 18:20 Design Catalyst / 19:45 Conversation Starters / 22:00 Artificial Womb / 27:00 Asking questions & different perspectives / 27:00 Law en ethics / 20:25 30:25 Science & Design / 31:40 Female healthcare / 34:00 Outro

Important links:

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Sound fragments: Music fragments are part of Lisa’s project ‘Courtship dances’ | RMA of New York |BBC News