Deep Adaption – Kissing the Void Retreat

Writing / James Soane


The Void Is

A gap, a space, a loss

Frightening and frightful

Lost and found, I am lost

I am love

A second, a minute, a year, a century, a millennia – a time

Time to say, to think, to process, to rename, to learn to relearn to unlearn, to leave behind.

This void is not your void

It is everyone’s void

The ID of VOID

The mind, to lose your mind, to hunt it down to miss it

To find it, in pieces and in fragments, blasted by the void

Infinity and forever, ending in darkness.


This black hole, almost invisible now, is a force sucking us in

Not knowing what is on the other side

But there just might be – another side

We hope

A kiss away



To bear witness in these times is

A mistake, an error, a blip, a catastrophe

An un-making of all that has been made

It is a breaking.

A huge tear

A tear

An ending of a story

We are being asked to leave now.


The lights are going out and it is very dark outside.

Where to go?

Where to shelter?

Who shall I talk to?


When my love and I were separated it should have been the end.

And yet I am still here

Alone with others

I am paused



When the body leads

A stretch, a move turning into moves

An ache, a new pain, an old heart, a dance

Tentatively thought

A sense of longing hoping to be more free

To move away, in the dance,

More fluid and more powerful and more delicate that ever before.

The flow of your life is here in every tiny moment,

But did you ever know that?

Did you not see that your body faithfully records every single thing

you have ever done, ever thought and ever will do?

Until. Until it has done enough

More than enough, and

Is called by time


Your movements will stop, like everybody’s always will

To make way for stillness

No movement

Another is just waking