Let’s get physical: The Philosophy of the Body.


Future Based #5 Long before Dick Swaab, both Plato and Descartes had already contended that we are our brains. They premised that thought is conducted within the head, and—since the head sits atop the body—stands in direct communication with the divine. Dangling from the head there is the body; passionate, surly, mechanical, and in need of domestication. Every single thought or action is ushered through the head, our

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Talk Marx and Debord, by Simon Valkering


On the 21st of February 2019 we held a meetup during the exhibition Unsettled Tensions at Nieuw Dakota.During this meeting, we returned to Marx’ notion of commodity fetishism, as well as Debord’s further development of this idea in his critique on society. The aim was to bring us closer to understanding (one facet of) contemporary society, and enable us to ask questions relating to object-fetishism, various forms

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The principles of knowledge: Setting rational standards and clarifying irrational beliefs.


What knowledges lie within reach? Does there exist a singular truth? Or does each hold true to their own? The principles of knowledge: Setting rational standards and clarifying irrational beliefs. Barry Barnes and David Bloor (hereafter: B&B) argue in their text Relativism, Rationalism, Sociology of Knowledge, that the rationalist’s arguments are insufficient and cannot withstand the grounds of relativism.1 Barry Barnes en David Bloor, Relativism, Rationalism and the

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Podcast: Beyond Ourselves – Lisa Doeland


If the objects that are around us, reflect the social structures of our period  what does that tell us about our social structures? This podcast is about the, so it seems, interchangeable relationships we have with each other, and the objects – from nature to fashion-  around us. Do we need to reconsider our relationship with our environment? We need to sort out which of our values are

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The Future is calling!


Greetings earthlings! The future is calling! Five main subjects Are you through with negative discussions about the future? Let us start afresh! Indeed, many of us are all too conscious of the challenges and uncertainties that the 21st century poses. We understand the imminent dangers and are keenly aware of the complexities that are tied to the ways in with we currently relate to our environment; as well

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#3 Framing Bullshit


An initiative by philosopher Pieter Booij. Bullshit: it’s all around us, and a lot of it. But is it harmful? And if so, why? How can we discern bullshit from a lie, and how can we determine what might be true? Whatever form bullshit takes—whether it be blurred out words or carefully crafted sentences—as long as it prevents us from asking the question: “What is true…?,” it has

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