Talk Marx and Debord, by Simon Valkering


On the 21st of February 2019 we held a meetup during the exhibition Unsettled Tensions at Nieuw Dakota.During this meeting, we returned to Marx’ notion of commodity fetishism, as well as Debord’s further development of this idea in his critique on society. The aim was to bring us closer to understanding (one facet [...]

Talk Marx and Debord, by Simon Valkering2022-12-01T12:45:52+01:00

The Future is calling!


Greetings earthlings! The future is calling! Five main subjects Are you through with negative discussions about the future? Let us start afresh! Indeed, many of us are all too conscious of the challenges and uncertainties that the 21st century poses. We understand the imminent dangers and are keenly aware of the complexities that are [...]

The Future is calling!2019-05-29T13:54:51+02:00
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