Future Based Governance podcast series is a collaboration with Inverse Surveillance AI by The Asimov Institute.

The presence and increasing use of surveillance in our daily lives means our awareness and engagement need to be active as much as it is theoretical. During the course of this podcast series, host Abdelrahman Hassan and the The Asimov Institute Director Stefan Leijnen, will go into conversation with experts about the various areas of surveillance. Each episode examines the relationship between algorithms and power structures, how they shape each other and how they shape the governed subject. The most important part of the podcast, is how we can debunk existing power frames in order to create new ones: What rules or concepts can be employed to shift existing power structures? This podcast series aims to find a more unidirectional blueprint for future governance systems, and will be the point of departure of the hackathon in the Summer of 2021, organized by the Inverse Surveillance AI project.

In this first podcast episode we will go into conversation with Aidan Lyon. Aidan completed his PhD in 2010 at the Australian National University on the philosophical foundations of probability. His research focuses on psychedelics, meditation, uncertainty, wisdom, and collective decision making. Aidan is also an entrepreneur: He is CEO and co-founder of DelphiCloud, and often works as a freelance consultant on projects relating to my research areas. His new book Psychedelic Experience, is a philosophical analysis of psychedelic experience with the central thesis that psychedelic experiences are mind-revealing experiences and can also occur via meditation.


00:00:00 Introduction / 00:03:00 Utopian thinking / 00:06:00 Biases and noise in – veillance systems/ 00:08:00 How to become effective watchers?/ 00:10:00 Becoming aware ? 00:13:00 Wisdom of the crowds / 00:17:00 Trust and control / 00:19:00 Awareness of the crowd and peer pressure / 0023:00 Shared accountability / 00:26:00 The Inverse effect / 00:30:00 Further recommendations and outro.

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On Future Based x Inverse Surveillance:

Inverse Surveillance AI is a project of The Asimov Institute, funded by the SIDN Fund. The project is a think tank of scientists, policymakers, and philosophers in order to answer the question, “How can we use AI as a Panopticon to promote beneficial actions for citizens by organizations?” Based on the insights produced from this think tank, a first proof of concept will be developed in a hackathon. The project lasts 6 months and operates from a utopian and solution-oriented approach. The main goal is to deepen the subject of Inverse Surveillance, to explore how AI can make this possible, and sharing all information so that it can function as a launchpad for future research. This podcast series together with Asimov director Stefan Leijnen, we go into conversations with experts in the field of AI technology. More information can be found on Asimovinstitute.or

Part of The Asimov Institute team are (project leader) Juliette Petra Rose van der Laarse and (researcher) Noah Neuman.

Host of these series is Abdelrahman Hassan. Abdelrahman lives on the intersection between software, critical theory, data, and poetry. His interests include memetics, internet geographies, technical utopias/dystopias and depictions of e-governance. His overarching goal is to bridge critical theory with digital practice and to limit accessibility gaps and hurdles to open access to knowledge.

Audio edit: Sabine Winters