Future Based is driven by community building, and to open access, and different perspectives, to knowledge. This platform consists of its projects (meetups, podcasts, reading groups) and initiatives that are sparked by collaborations.

Future Based has a multifaceted model of cooperative projects, where the co-host is always involved in the whole process, from the beginning based on the main cooperative principles developed by Future Based. To start with, the main cooperative principle is a system based on equal ownership of the project. Moreover, there are varied community-oriented facilities (such as a reading group and podcast) which are non-profit oriented, though cost-effective, offering an alternative of shared ownership through processing the input of the participants and attendees into new projects.

Each sparked project is unique in its search for new perspectives on knowledge, and opens new possibilities for the future. If we had to pin down the best method to start new projects, it would be to grab a coffee together. So let’s.  

In addition to these activities, Future Based works on behalf of various clients and is linked to several collaboration partners. We will update the list of linked projects soon.