We will expand upon the topic of identity with a podcast series on identity & belonging in the modern world. The podcasts will feature guests representing the past, present and future of what it means to belong and how that affects our concept of self.

To dive into the past, we will interview a person who, like myself, grew up in more than one country. In the present, we will explore the most up-to-date academic viewpoints with a scholar. While for the future, we will tune into the mind of an individual who is currently creating an online space for a thriving community. ~The future is not created from the past, but made in the present.~ Written by host of the series Victoria Libucha.

In this episode: Phaedra Fidessa

Phaedra Fidessa is a creative centipede. She’s a fiction writer, musician, podcaster, photographer, and whatever else she can do to express herself. Deeply curious about life, people and mental health, Phae is always looking for connection and a way to bring people together in their shared humanity. Having experienced depression from a very young age, Phae has discovered that talking openly about her emotional struggles can save lives, including her own, and this show is meant as a space where you’re allowed to simply be yourself without anyone judging you.