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We are all time travellers. In each moment, we visit the next point in  time. Triggered by scents, sounds and sensations, we travel to the past while we relive a memory. Science fiction includes many time traveling tales. For example, iconic novel Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut illustrates how our perception of time affects our experience of life. Furthermore, stories like Arrival (2016) show that our perception of time can be influenced by the language we speak and think in, tapping into the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis.

During this reading session we will discuss various time tales. Exploring alternative realities and parallel universes, we will unravel the lessons that can be derived from time travel in sci-fi. What
implications would time travel have on our lives? If we could see the future, would we do anything differently? Join us for a session full of speculation and insight, and come meet and greet your past and future self with us.

Time-Tales: Travelling in and through time is part of the reading sessions Science Fiction minus Fiction Futures. Hosted and curated by Lilian de Jong.

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Please note, due to covid the maximum non-1.5-metre-capacity-with-seats is 15 attendees.  We absolutely want to avoid being confronted with a corona outbreak after our event. Moreover, we value your health. Therefore the following: only a self-test is not sufficient. If you have been fully vaccinated for at least 14 days and you have no complaints, show your QR code. If this is not the case we need a valid proof of test (PCR) that is not older than 24 hours applied.

Yes, we know it sucks but we are super happy we can organize get-togethers again and open up to people who cannot be vaccinated because of medical issues. No, we don’t want to exclude people, so we will search for alternatives – for example as well organize 1.5 meter gatherings outdoors. If you have a question, suggestion or complaint, please do let us know.

Please cancel your ticket if you have complaints that are covid related. If we need to cancel or re-schedule the event due to unforeseen measurements, we will offer an online alternative or a refund of your ticket.