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Artwork by Joan Semmel, Me Without Mirrors, 1974.

Reclaiming The (Female) Body is a series of three lectures held by art curator Michela D’Acquisto for the Future Based platform, aimed at exploring how women get represented in male-run environments. Art is one of these.

We will investigate how, over the centuries, women have employed art as a method of emancipation and rebellion against the patriarchy through fundamental works and self-portraits: from the theory of Paleolithic goddesses as the first form of depiction of the self, up to the key figures of modern and contemporary feminist art. For centuries, male artists have disregarded the complexities of the female gender, projecting on women’s bodies the stereotypes dictated both by their expectations and those of society. The female artists presented in these lectures instead subvert the concept of woman that the established history of art proposes: saint, muse, or sinner. In particular, we will discuss the female body as a tool to address matters such as illness, motherhood – and lack thereof –, power, race, and sexuality, and the artists who have chosen to use it to reclaim their identity and image.

December 2nd: Theory of Goddesses and Sinners

What if women created the so-called Paleolithic Venus figurines as a form of self-representation?

Beginning with this fascinating and refreshing theory, we will explore the first self-portraits by female artists, and we will talk about their refusal of imposed roles: when they stopped being muses and finally became artists themselves.

We look forward to you joining us in this urgent reflection, much needed at a time when women’s rights are still undermined daily, on what it is to be a female and an artist: The first half hour is presented by Michela. After the presentation, there is room to reflect and to think with each other on this topic. You can stay and join the conversation or leave and take time for self reflection on your own.



Michela D’Acquisto is an independent art curator and writer currently based in Milan, Italy.

A graduate of Brera Academy of Fine Arts, also holding a background in design, she has many years of experience curating international exhibitions, both in private and public spaces. Her main curatorial interests include anthropology, human relationship with nature, and the connection between female bodies’ and society’s expectations.

Michela is also the co-founder of the applied arts project Dueostudio, through which she produces objects designed by artists and presents a program of events at the intersection between art, design, and sustainability.


A note: In these times of challenges of all sorts, we need to lend each other a helping hand. That’s why Future Based organises these webinars on a non-profit basis. This means that ticket sales go directly to the speaker, artist, designer or scientist. (Future Based is not subsidized by any means.)