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A collaborative session that imagine how locally-developed efforts for a sustainable and inclusive city might shape its landscape in the near future. –  by Hugo Pilate


It is imperative that our cities become radically more sustainable and inclusive.  Many entrepreneurial citizens have taken matters into their own hands and set on this path by organizing local programs, prototyped innovations in their garages, started to create answers to the challenges our cities are facing. However, they often lack the reach and local support they’d need to succeed.






The workshop aims to create a sandbox environment in which participants can imagine how global efforts they care about might shape their local neighborhood. Working in teams we will learn about different entrepreneurs and activists currently towards improving life for their community and see how their experience can inform our own neighborhoods.





  • Discover the key challenges your local actors are tackling
  • Reflect on the change you’d like to see
  • Engage with community leaders through collective collaboration
  • Co-create recommendations on how to address these issue affecting your community

Who can join?

Well, you. We are looking for citizens, community organizers, storytellers, gamers, designers

What to bring?

A computer, internet connection


Where and when to join?

All online (Zoom + google slides), the 16th of January from 15:00 -18:00 European Central Time.




Hugo Pilate is a design researcher trying to make sense of the world we’ve built for ourselves while exploring alternative modes of living, earning, thinking, one project at a time. Design has given him an invaluable set of tools and processes that help him to ground conversations, prioritize needs and find solutions that translate constraints into inspiration. Hugo is focused of sharing these insights through interdisciplinary collaborations. His work has enabled him among other, to work between Los Angeles, Paris and Delhi for corporate and government actors engaging with a wide range of topics including access to clean energy, humanitarian aid, sexual and reproductive health, financial inclusion, and innovation at large.


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