Underground movement in music: Capitalism failing


Why can’t capitalism and underground scenes work productively together?It is a depressing trope: but a marriage of capitalist ideas and underground ideologies is one that is often doomed to failure. Despite the best intentions, often from both sides, everyday commercial activities eventually kill the very thing they seek to support.The normal understanding of the term ‘capitalism’ is a wide one, covering almost all forms of commercial activity. The

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Talk Marx and Debord, by Simon Valkering


On the 21st of February 2019 we held a meetup during the exhibition Unsettled Tensions at Nieuw Dakota.During this meeting, we returned to Marx’ notion of commodity fetishism, as well as Debord’s further development of this idea in his critique on society. The aim was to bring us closer to understanding (one facet of) contemporary society, and enable us to ask questions relating to object-fetishism, various forms

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Framing Bullshit


Text by Pieter Booij. In 1986, philosopher Harry Frankfurt wrote an essay about an increasingly common phenomenon both in society and in our daily lives: bullshit. Bullshit seems to be everywhere: in the news; in politics; in advertising; on social media; and even in art and science. Precisely in those areas where you would expect it the least, since it is there that we search for—and express—truth and

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A notion on the role of philosophy in a world of technology


With the arrival of the internet, I believe that the question of what it means to be human and to take part in a society has become ever more urgent, and I am convinced that philosophy should play a dazzling leading role in this quest.

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