Sixty Minutes Back to the Future: Philosophy of the Virus.


Future Based’s ‘Sixty minutes back to the Future’ series is a new series in which we reflect on the bottlenecks and challenges of today’s society, and contemporary issues that have already been addressed by numerous philosophers and scientists: What can we learn about the future by looking at history? The structure of the lectures is as follows: In sixty minutes, an artist, designer, researcher, or scientist talks about

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Object Fetishism: ‘the society of the spectacle’


Social media; targeted marketing; consumer culture; ‘how to be happy in six steps’; continuous behavioural monitoring; and an obsession with optimization and productivity: all are part and parcel of a single logic that pervades modern day society, which Guy Debord coined under the term ‘the society of the spectacle’.

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#3 Framing Bullshit


An initiative by philosopher Pieter Booij. Bullshit: it’s all around us, and a lot of it. But is it harmful? And if so, why? How can we discern bullshit from a lie, and how can we determine what might be true? Whatever form bullshit takes—whether it be blurred out words or carefully crafted sentences—as long as it prevents us from asking the question: “What is true…?,” it has

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Film and Philosophy – A Complex Relationship


This is an initiative of Studium Generale - University of Wageningen. Art philosophers have thought quite a lot about the core qualities of movies. What were their conclusions? On the other hand, cinema has always expressed a deep interest in philosophy. In the last decades, the question is posed if film can make statements about philosophy. Or even philosophize itself. And if so, how exactly? Using a series

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