Sixty Minutes Back to the Future: Philosophy of the Virus.


Future Based’s ‘Sixty minutes back to the Future’ series is a new series in which we reflect on the bottlenecks and challenges of today’s society, and contemporary issues that have already been addressed by numerous philosophers and scientists: What can we learn about the future by looking at history? The structure of the lectures [...]

Sixty Minutes Back to the Future: Philosophy of the Virus.2020-10-09T08:42:30+02:00

Object Fetishism: ‘the society of the spectacle’


Social media; targeted marketing; consumer culture; ‘how to be happy in six steps’; continuous behavioural monitoring; and an obsession with optimization and productivity: all are part and parcel of a single logic that pervades modern day society, which Guy Debord coined under the term ‘the society of the spectacle’.

Object Fetishism: ‘the society of the spectacle’2019-12-13T07:29:30+01:00

#3 Framing Bullshit


An initiative by philosopher Pieter Booij. Bullshit: it’s all around us, and a lot of it. But is it harmful? And if so, why? How can we discern bullshit from a lie, and how can we determine what might be true? Whatever form bullshit takes—whether it be blurred out words or carefully crafted sentences—as [...]

#3 Framing Bullshit2020-03-13T12:37:19+01:00
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