Approaching the Visual Heritage of the Soviet Union.


My fascination for the subject began six years ago when I found a book about Moscow, published in the 60s, in a thrift-shop. It presented an entirely alien reality and thus sparked my curiosity. I wanted to understand the atmosphere of the photographs, learn more about daily life in the USSR and observe to what degree the book was a genuine reflection of reality.

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Reflection on the philosophical understanding of colour.


According to our everyday experience, the objects that surround us are coloured. Lemons are yellow, cucumbers are green, and our car is black. But according to physical science, lemons, cucumbers, and our car are composed of particles that are not attributed with colour whatsoever. These two pictures of the world seem not entirely compatible, but how come? Is philosophy able to provide us with an answer to this question?

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Can we get a conception of absolute reality?


What is the world like beyond human-object relations? If we think of absolute reality as something that is permanent and not bound to time and space, and something that goes beyond the relation of being and thinking, would it be possible for us to perceive it?

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Grieving Machines Tell Apocalyptic Stories to Birds


Have you ever seen robots that communicate with nonhuman animals and plants, or heard of machines that are programmed to learn from their natural environments? Have you ever encountered technologies that collaborate with nonhuman species? It is not very likely that you have, considering how dominant modes of thinking in the West have a history of putting the human species at center stage – and in sharp contrast to some entity called ‘nature’ – when it comes to framing, designing, programming and using technologies.

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Everything is knotted


There is a desire to know where we come from. In itself, this is nothing new, nor is it symptomatic for the times we live in. How we tend to that desire, however, has changed significantly. In the quest for our heritage and the attempts to decipher our histories, the applied methods seamlessly dovetail with society’s shift towards individualisation. In the vain hope to achieve kinship, to discover our origins and a sense of belonging, we send out our DNA in order to attach personal truths to a test result.

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