You Are a Planet Swarming with Life


You think about yourself as a unique individual, you experience yourself and your body as a whole. You have one name, but you should actually have many names. You are not one, you are an exuberant ever-changing crowd, a planet swarming with life, a symbiotic microbiome full of millions of micro-organisms that perform various, indispensable functions in your body. In fact, you are innumerable, always a 'we' and never merely an 'I'.

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Saving as Many Human Lives as Possible?


As a philosopher, Pieter Booij specializes in logic and the foundations of mathematics. In the next four short essays Pieter will interpret a selection of Wittgensteins aphorisms in the context of the Corona pandemic. Wittgensteins second masterpiece is the Philosophical Investigations, which consists of a collection of aphorisms. These aphorisms read like poetry to Pieter, and like poetry, they are not only open to interpretation, but it are intentionally meant to be interpreted.

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Approaching the Visual Heritage of the Soviet Union.


My fascination for the subject began six years ago when I found a book about Moscow, published in the 60s, in a thrift-shop. It presented an entirely alien reality and thus sparked my curiosity. I wanted to understand the atmosphere of the photographs, learn more about daily life in the USSR and observe to what degree the book was a genuine reflection of reality.

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